A short selection of books 
Edgar Cayce 


Many, many books have been written on Edgar Cayce, therefore I do not intend to give a complete list of them, and anyway, to be honest, I do not know it ! One of the reason is I live in France and many books have not be translated to French.

I shall present to you only a few titles of the books written in English.

If you want to get  more informations about all the books ever published on Edgar Cayce, please visit the  "Edgar Cayce Books World Database " site,  where you can search by authors, topics and also order on line. 


There is a river...
Thomas Sugrue
Edgar Cayce on reincarnation
NoŽl Langley
Edgar Cayce, man of miracles
Joseph Millard
Mysteries of Atlantis revisited
Edgar E. Cayce,
Gail Cayce Schwartzer
and Douglas Richards
Visions de l'Atlantide
Edgar E. Cayce
Lives of Edgar Cayce
W.H Church
Pyramid odyssey
William Fix
Many mansions
Gina Cerminara
Many lives, many loves
Gina Cerminara

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