A united past lives research

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Example of a united past lives research for a couple


I first made a chronology for Mr. B. and then a life reading for Mrs. C., his companion. I made searches for it of their united lives in relation to Mr. B. I give you the 3 readings in chronological order for a better understanding.


First Mr. B's chronology.

You had 15 lives as a man and 18 as a woman.

Eight among them are predominant

Around year 1800 BC, you lived in the country of Assyria where you were near the power. You were a man, a priest of Ishtar and you officiated for the king of Assour. You were very powerful and you didn't have room for compassion for the weakness.

Around year 1200 BC, you lived as a woman in the country that is called today Turkey. You were a priestess of Ahura Mazda. Already the Mazdean religion existed and you were vowed to the sacred book conservation.

Around year 1000 before JC, you lived in the north of the Scandinavia, close to Iceland. You were part of the Celt people, not those that are now known, but their forebears, that one called the Hyperborean, those that communicated by the thought with gods and that followed their precepts. You were a man who devoted himself to care of patients and the dying.

Around year 400 before JC, you lived in Greece, close to Samos. You taught physics and astronomy. You were not really interested by Plato's and Aristotle's philosophy because they seemed to you too much distant from the scientific " reality "

Around year 200 AD, you lived at the end of the Roman empire. You were Christian bishop and you gathered supporters to widened the Roman church.

Around year 1500, you lived Paris in the vicinity to Dourdan. You were a Lord who fought for his king and you had fought with ardor against Protestant influences from Germany.

Around year 1760, you lived as a woman in the court of Marie Thérèse of Austria. You were a friend of little Marie Antoinette, since you made part of her family, you were a distant cousin. You were opposed strongly to the Revolution French, touring the countries where emigrants had taken refuge to carry the revolt. You made part of a feminine masonic lodge, but your hate against the revolution made you " extremist " and your cruelty towards republican dragged you to acts as reprehensible as those of republican that you fought.

Around year 1830, you live to Belgium, that was then under the Low Country domination. You were part of tradesmen who came from Holland to establish your business in Antwerp for the maintenance of the Maritime Trade. You have greatly contributed in this life in search of new territories and you travelled a lot, mainly in Southeast of Asia.

Next Mrs. C.'s life reading

You had 14 lives as man and 16 as woman

The one that most influences your present life is a past life, in 500 years thereabouts in France.

You were then a woman that lived close to Bordeaux. You were part of survivors of the Reform and you looked for a shelter for you and your family. 

You were native of the East of France, of Lorraine more precisely, and you had been raised in Luther's religion. 

Your husband was killed in confrontations that took place then between Catholics and reformed, not the Saint Barthélemy, but before, in years 1560. 

You kept from it a fear of the violence and a distrust of others, in the sense that you are always afraid to display your ideas.

And to finish the united lives research

Mr. B. and Mrs. C. met 4 times 

Around year BC, you met in Turkey. Mrs. C. was then a man, a disciple of Zarathoustra and she influenced Mr B. a lot in his mission. She was then his father

Around year 400 BC, Mrs. C. lived in Greece, close to Athens. She was a man and was a student of Aristotle first, then of Bernard and assisted it in his researches.

Around year 1500, whereas Mrs. C. was Protestant, Mr B, Lord of Dourdan was reason of her flight. Indeed, he made part of those that pursued the Protestant, but he had mercy of her and it is thanks to him that she/it could have run away with his/her/its family.

Around year 1760, she was a a French man that helped nobles emigrates. She met M B. and felt for him a big admiration, to such point that she got to served sound and browsed Europe with him. She was not the lover of M B (then as a woman) because the difference of rank didn't allow him it, but his gray eminence, his bodyguard.


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