Knowing your past lives

To know the past is to understand the present and to build the future. Ask for a life reading


Why knowing your past lives ?

To know yourself better, to understand why your present life is this or that and to be able to fully follow the way of your self and spiritual development.

What you have done in the past has affected your most inner personality and has unreasoned fears, depressive or agressive tendencies and irrational reactions.


The differents ways
to discover your past lives

There aren't so many because science is still very reluctant about reincarnation.

Regressive hypnosis, practiced by psychotherapists and sometimes by the psychoanalysts who accept this theory admitted by Jung.
It is not dangerous, as it has been pretended to be, because in no case the "subject" can come back traumatised from its experiences, but rather calm and sometimes illuminated inside.

Relaxation, it is essential to be assisted by someone who can guide you into your work, which demands a lot of personal energy to get in touch with your past lives.

Auto-hypnosis is nearly the same : when you go deep enough into the Alpha waves, it is very difficult to do by yourself the process of regression and of interrogation. The conscious stays in spite of all "awake" during that state. One can not be the judge and the arbitrator !

To have recourse to a clairvoyant. I do mean a genuine clairvoyant, not a fortune teller ! 

Channeling, similar to mediumship, is a spiritual communication under the leadership of guide who reveals to the channeler the past significant experiences of the seeker.

That was Edgar Cayce's case, although he had to be under self hypnosis to communicate with the upper world, he was guided by a spirit who led him to the informations concerning the person who asked for a lecture.

Aron Abrahamsen worked alike, except that he just needed to be very relaxed.

Working by automatic writing is more or less the same process, but the "automatic writer" does have to be disconnected  from the earthly world.

Karmic astrology, most inspired by Edgar Cayce's lectures, gives indications by studying the birth chart of the seeker. It is much utilised by head-hunters (recruitment agencies) in the States to determinate if the applicant is suitable to the job.