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Translation of an article published
in the french magazine 
Net ZOOM of May-June 99


Journey to the heart of our Previous Lives.

If you are the kind to ask yourself " who am I ? where do I go? does life have a meaning ? ... In a word if you are constituted of this mixture of 30% of certainty and 70% of existential doubt common to nearly all human beings, this site is made for you. Following the path of Edgar Cayce , Brigitte, the " channeler " of Samsara, proposes you to make your previous lives reading, just to help you to see a little clearer in your present life.

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A strange, disconcerting, disturbing result!

I feel coming up to you, dear readers, a sardonic smile. Yes, I know, theories bound to the reincarnation often lend to the ridicule and it is better to side with mockers than with believers. However the life reading that proposes Samsara site is so tempting that I were not able to not try it if only it would be to render a better account of it to you and to tell you if the step is worthwhile, even if it entails unveiling you today the secret history of my soul! What a strange sensation while discovering (rediscovering) suddenly a buried part of oneself ...I had 14 lives as men and 20 as women: I was keeper of an Assyrian Temple in 750 BC, an Aristotle's disciple gone to propagate his teaching in Asia Minor, a martyr, a Christian, a slave married to a gladiator in the days of Rome... discovery after discovery occur in the deepest of oneself disturbing sensations of déjà vu ...What's to be thought about all that? One thing is sure: all those who have today a love story and want to know if they are old souls who meet again through their young flaming bodies, will have an address henceforth to know if the love will really always last ...even after death