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Karmic Astrology


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What is Karmic astrology?

AstrologyKarmic astrology is not a new astrology, "another" astrology. It is the spiritual evolution fruit of a society rediscovering reincarnation concept, occulted for such a long time...

... Traditional astrology limits itself to an approach of the outside personality and too often pass next to the essential keys for the understanding of the individual. Karmic astrology happens to be therapeutic because - the psychoanalysis enables us to understand it - many problems are the result of a dissension between conscious and unconscious....

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Karmic astrology and Channeling

... Karmic astrology is a very rigorous tool permitting us to understand events. Very often, the karmic indications of the chart are confirmed by more psychic approaches such as channeling or regression. The fact is astrology confirms these approaches giving the same indications but by another means, prove indeed previous lives do exist, and one can recover their traces. Astrology will have a more scientific approach permitting to judge if these reminiscences brought by channeling are real. To the inverse, the channeling will enrich by revealing details and precisions indications determined by astrology. The 2 approaches are complementary...

by Laurence Larzul
Quotes from book :
" ABC of Karmic astrology  "
Published by Jacques Grancher

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Esoteric Definition of the Moon's Node

Moon's node If we wish to understand the full significance of the Moon-Node horoscope, we shall need some background knowledge concerning the constitution of the human being; in particular, a knowledge of the doctrines of evolution and reincarnation (or rebirth).From the point of view of reincarnation, the Moon-Node horoscope gives a summary of ail experiences in former lives, and carries a charge of unconscious knowledge in the form of lessons learned in the course of evolution. What is more, all unresolved conflicts from the past are stored in the Moon-Node Horoscope, together with tasks left undone which have given us unconscious guilt feelings. The latter can become quite unsettling, and even tormenting, during transits of the Age Point or of other Age Point aspects.

We shall consider the Moon-Node horoscope from three angles:


As a storage place for experiences belonging to past lives (inner potential) ;


As a karmic resonance apparatus (the law of cause and effect) ;


As the shadow personality (the unconscious).

In our esoteric definition of the Moon-Node horoscope, we treat it as the depiction of or rather as a storage place for-the things experienced in past lives. It is comparable to the Akashic Records, that bock full of secrets, or the unknown region in the etheric body of our planet where everything that has ever been thought, done, or wished, is registered. The Moon-Node horoscope does not show single deeds (good or bad) performed in past lives, not even those done in the life before this. It shows the energy patterns, the essences or qualities, resulting from the summing up of all previous experiences. These can now be felt only as an essential inner potential, as a positive life program and life quality, or, on the other hand, as compulsive behaviour. Fur the most part, the Moon-Node horoscope exhibits contents of the unconscious: things that, in the course of our development, we have already acquired or achieved to our joy and satisfaction but also things that gave us trouble, and brought us reverses, defeats, harm, and grief.

From an evolutionary standpoint, it can be seen as the horoscope of our attainments and inner potential. What we have once consciously lived through and assimilated remains available to us as "know-how," as inner knowledge, as something that is consciously usable. We can draw inspiration or take advice from it. In people who live with awareness it is conscience, an inner voice, instinct, or guide; in others, it is an indefinable something that creates anxiety because it cannot be understood. They repress the contents of the Moon-Node horoscope as much as they can, and it becomes their unacceptable part, the shadow personality, on which everything evil can be projected.

By Bruno and Louise Huber
Quotes from book :
Moon-Node Astrology
Published by Samuel Weisec, INC

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