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Some people maintain that we humans are influenced by strange forces emanating from various planets. The popular press would have us believe that the inhabitants of planet Earth can be divided into twelve different types which they then fill with their shallow perceptions.

Astrology can only be as competent as the people making use of it. Astrology as such is actually nothing more than a mathematical system, showing a person's planetary representation at the time of birth in a 360į circle.

To accomplish this we consider various factors. The first question to be answered is why these creatures involved in Astrology seem to be infatuated with the exact time of birth. Itís really quite simple! We are interested in finding out which ascendant was chosen to experience Earthly life. The twelve houses symbolize the areas of life and the ascendant is the beginning of the First House, the beginning of the chart.

What is it that awakens the chartís houses to life?

...the planets; each symbolizes a certain type of energy. Their positions within the houses determine into which areas of life their energy is channeled. In addition, the angular relationships of the planets to each other which are called aspects put Astrologers in the position to make statements about the manifestation of these diverse forms of energy in the life of an individual person.

In your birh chart interpretation, you may read that you are characterised differently in the various interpretation texts - Sun in Sagittarius: you are open, warm... followed by Moon in Capricorn: you appear cold and distanced... It is your job to piece them together, because everyoneís character is made up of different qualities and you have learned more or less to live with these types of contradictions. Actually itís better to be open about contradictions in your personality, they allow for a change of pace once in a while and also provide opportunities for growth, although not necessarily without suffering.

For this reason it is very important that you donít get hung up on single words or examples in these interpretations and don't try to apply these strictly to your life. 

For a few decades, some astrologers started to study birth charts in a more spiritual light, looking into the horoscope for the path followed by an human being  through his previous incarnations (his aquired knowledge, his gifts, his failings and the direction he's to follow today for an even better self improvement. Based on Reincarnation concept , this astrology is called Karmic Astrology.

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