Case studies

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Juliette H. was the mistress of the Duc of York at the court of King George III in England in XVIIIth century. Of course, the other ladies and also - especially - the Duke's wife were very jalous of her . Finally, she was poisoned. Nowadays, elle distrust too intriguing women  and she is a vegetarian : the poison was ... in a piece of meat.


Emmanuelle B, a young lady od 16 years old (lesbian – it does matter, you will see !) who was told that "she was a man at the Court of Sweden at the end of 18th century and that she killed the King for the Queen's love". After research, King Gustav the IVth was really shot by Ankerstroëm, who was of course executed. It appears that this fact is well known in History of Sweden (a bit like Kennedy and Oswald) and that Ankerstroëm did it for the Queen.

From this story, the first teaching is that one can be a woman in a life and a man in another. This may cause sexual bent, that shock some people, but which are traces from a past life. Maybe too because of a sudden and violent death that may cause a persistency of  past personnality.


Stéphane M., was a draper around year 1793, and as he had business relations with Barras, he worked as supplier of the Napoleonic Army. He died in misery after textile industrialization.

Nowadays, he still deeply admires Napoléon and he is a bit mean, always frightened to be short of money.

All facts of this life have been verified (and actually found) by an historian specialist of First Empire History


Still Stéphane, before his son was born, asked me what was the baby's last incarnation. He was, during the 1940's exodus in France, a young woman escaping to the "free zone" and she was killed on the roads by bombs. This child, we were told, would not bear noise, and in actual fact, from childhood, the least nose makes him scream.


Julie A. first lived in the 18th century, as a poor orphan, and she had to marry an old man who she tried to poison. Reincarnate around year 1820, she met again her old husband, incarnated this time as her son who died of typhoïd fever.


Christophe M. lived at the beginning of 18th century and his family, who wanted to kobliged him to be a soldier. He managed to be killed on purpose at Fontenoy, while saving life to another soldier

He still has an horror of Army, and authority and hierarchy, but also he is inclined to  suicide.


I realise that all the cases below are mostly about french people. That is because I am French and work in France. It is all depend on you to fill this page with other countries lives !

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