A past lives chronology...

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Example of a predominant past lives chronology given to a young man

The number of lives influencing the present incarnation is different for each one. It mainly depends on the chosen karma and on the way karmic " lessons " have been assimilated.


Your past lives :

You had 17 lives in man and 15 in woman.

Seven of these lives have a primordial influence on your present life :

Your other past or intermediate lives are not related to your present life path.


It emerge from your lives that you have difficulties with everything military and aptitudes for trade, maybe as a creator, either of enterprise or in the domain of art or handicraft.

In 3 of your lives, it also appears that you were a little " suppressed " by your parents who always decided for you. Don't let anybody direct your life. Free youself to fulfill your purpose !

Your symbol:

Trimmed wings EagleAn eagle, whose wings are trimmed, but that will be able to fly when the dove will bring light to it . The trimmed wings eagle  represents in this case the potential abilities of the embodied being who is not yet aware of them. The dove, symbol of the spritit, will give him enlightenment, while revealing him his forgotten capabilities.



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