A united past lives research

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Example of a united past lives research for a couple


I first made a chronology for Mr. B. and then a life reading for Mrs. C., his companion. I made searches for it of their united lives in relation to Mr. B. I give you the 3 readings in chronological order for a better understanding.


First Mr. B's chronology.

You had 15 lives as a man and 18 as a woman.

Eight among them are predominant

Next Mrs. C.'s life reading

You had 14 lives as man and 16 as woman

The one that most influences your present life is a past life, in 500 years thereabouts in France.

You were then a woman that lived close to Bordeaux. You were part of survivors of the Reform and you looked for a shelter for you and your family. 

You were native of the East of France, of Lorraine more precisely, and you had been raised in Luther's religion. 

Your husband was killed in confrontations that took place then between Catholics and reformed, not the Saint Barthélemy, but before, in years 1560. 

You kept from it a fear of the violence and a distrust of others, in the sense that you are always afraid to display your ideas.

And to finish the united lives research

Mr. B. and Mrs. C. met 4 times 


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