Reincarnation and you

To know the past is to understand the present and to build the future. Ask for a life reading

Previous lives provide "gifts " whatever they are : artistic, linguistic, scientific, etc. They might also generate phobias, irrational fears, sympathy and antipathy for people and  interest for certain periods of the history of the world. Why at first sight, do you feel yourselves in confidence with someone " as if you knew this one for a long time? Why do you hate that one?

Who has never thought : " What have done to the Lord to deserve this ? What you did has maybe to do with your present life. But you know what you could have done before?

Through all lives you have lived, you might have committed some very serious mistakes, causing that you are now embodied in this one or that, and also that you have such reverse of fortune, such illness or even such infirmity.

It does not necessarily come from your previous life, because Karma can be deferred, "skipping" some lives and reappearing later.


What is Karma ?

It is the result of your past actions, the consequence of your mistakes causing what is going wrong now..

It is necessary to specify that if Karma is not transferred of a life to the other, in spite of all it leaves a mark on the personality of the embodied soul and even if this one has chosen not to pay in this life some faults, it still bear their weight at the bottom of itself.

Do not count too much that in your past lives "recall", you will find out that you were somebody famous. Of course this might happen, these persons having as well their incarnations, but it is obvious that for 10 000 people, there is only a tenth have passed to the posterity of them.


Were you a man or a woman ?

In Christian religion, one usually say that the angels are sexless.

Neither is a soul (or a spirit) and you were indifferently one or the other, according to life that you had chosen to experiment.


Who choose your new incarnation ?

Yourself, because after having judged your mistakes, it is up to you to choose the moment, the place, the family and social environment where you want to live again, to improve yourself, to correct your past errors and to learn to love the others better. It might also happen that your spiritual " elders " help you in the choice of your incarnation (because of course, you have several possibilities) or advice you to reincarnate, this decision being not still pleasant! The goal to reach being not to have to "be back ".

It is as reason, it is necessary to avoid to judge the neighbor, one never knows for what reason one chose this incarnation that can seem lowering.

All this is only a love story of, the one that brings you to love the others and to accept their differences.