A life reading

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Example of a life reading given to a man who lives in Texas.
This shall give you a slight idea of the way I shall work for you.


Your present life :

You are a man of great authority. You have being working for many years in relation with industrial business but you never forgot how much spirituality is important. You have even participated to Sunday classes.

Nowadays, you are trying to grow even more in your self-acknowledgment.

Your past life :

You had 17 lives as man and 20 as woman

The one that most influences your present life is a past life, around year 1700 in Philadelphia

Your name was Kathleen Faisanthire, you were born in Birmingham in 1679. You came to Pennsylvania with your parents, who later separated. You were a very beautiful woman and you became a kept woman.

In this life as Kathleen, you were too superficial and too much involved with parties and dances. You never really cared about the others. As a courtesan, you were much unfaithful and mocking.

Many men loved you sincerely but you laughed at them. The only one you really loved was a young fellow of good social position, called Roberts, and though he was attracted by you, he was not in love with you . He was very ambitious and anyway he could not go on this kind of relationship. He left you to get married with somebody else. Later he became mayor of Philadelphia.

It was a heartbreaking for you and then you retired from your " sparkling " life and got married with a man who was very brutal with you

You finished your life in misery and died in 1750.

The goal of your incarnation :

You reincarnate in this life to be more concerned by the others and to help them to understand more the spirituals things.

In your job, you are a well respected man, fair and appreciated by the people around you

You would be a very good counselor !

Your symbol :

A sunrise.

In the darkness the sun starts to rise gradually bringing light

The darkness is ignorance of spiritual growth

The sun is the illumination enlightening those who want to be.

The morning is what you can bring to the others.



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