Below is a selection from many mails I received 
 showing how interesting it is to know one's past lives
and how this knowledge is a great help.

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October 18, 1999
Laurence –

…Brigitte, you made me understand a lot and I immensely owe to you. I’ll never thank you enough for giving a new meaning to my life
Thank for all

 September 14, 1999
Natacha - Switzerland

Hi Brigitte,
I received the study you made for me and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
I found this reading impressive and I was very surprised also.
Indeed I do love travelling and the personality you describe is really very similar to mine
I thank you thousand times and send you my best regards

Hi Brigitte,
To tell the truth, I rather have the strange feeling to recognise myself in the account of my present life, as well as in the goal of my incarnation
- I always been interested in paranormal
- I take regularly classes in psychology on the Internet
- I lack of self-confidence
Congratulations for your excellent work

 September 2, 1999
Patrice - France

Chère Brigitte,
Je vous remercie beaucoup pour l'étude

...Enfin, tout ceci pour vous dire que cette étude a confirmé pour moi beaucoup de choses...

...Encore merci.

August 25, 1999
Béatrice - Belgium

May 16, 1999
Claude - USA

Dear Brigitte,
Let me give you my impressions: The karmic study is excellent and corroborate completely what I was myself remembering with on certain fields very accurate memories. Same thing for my wife.
I knew very well this life was a definitive turning point for me…

 December 8, 1998
Daniel - France

I thank you very much for you study which was a great comfort to me and confirmed my idea of continuing on this track . Lack of self-confidence is indeed a real problem on which I am going to devote all my energy to make it up.

 Novembrer 2, 1999
Hélène - France

My dear Brigitte,
I will always be grateful to you for the precious informations you gave me about my past lives. This allowed me to understand certain details of my life which I considered as fate, and a bit as a divine injustice, but now I know their cause and, thanks to you, I shall say no more " What have I done to deserve such things ! ". All this shed new light on my life.
All I can do is to thank you more and more



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