Reincarnation and Karmic astrology : Moon's Nodes

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Your North Node is in Libra


Your karma

The past existence memory to fight a hostile environment is measured with your need of independence. You crossed times where each held a well definite role and where counted especially the spirit of adventure. You affirmed these qualities with panache by paying a high price for your freedom.

Your present needs

You must learn how to soften yourself and accept your family, social and professional context.

Your innate qualities

From the past, you kept courage and endurance. You are passionate and generous.

Your limits

You tend to confuse your objectives and those of your close relations. Your attitude often defines itself by the negative.

Your projects of life

Your present existence could not be based on combative qualities. Today, it is on the contrary the diplomacy and the agreement that you must cultivate. You will fully share joys and sorrows of your close relations, but it would be necessary to show your own competencies, by using charm and patience. You will adopt in this incarnation an associative step. Your inexhaustible energy will be much more appreciated as it will be domesticated. Work, here is the word: first on yourself and in harmony with the others. You will search for success and material base, without however controlling you to this objective.

Your philosophical detachment, dearly gained will be very appreciated: it will secure you a special place and requests of your close relations, for advice and recommendations. Your desire to help the others will attract you many sympathies. One will evoke readily your magnetism. After a turbulent departure in the existence and, in spite of mishaps you will arrive little by little to a good control of your mental energies.

Some famous examples: Chopin, Michelangelo, Jules Verne, Modigliani, John LennonÖ

Text by MichaŽl Delmar

This analysis of Moon's Nodes gives only a brief statement of your past life. Others aspects have to be considered, such as their position in houses, the positions of the Black Moon and the Part of Fortune in signs and in houses. Which requires of course a karmic report of your birth chart.

To know the past is to understand the present and to build the future. Ask for a life reading

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