Moon's Nodes

Le Bélier

 Your North Node is in Aries

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Your karma

Your unconscious memories speak of happy relations and harmonious couples. From the old periods you crossed, in the material worry shelter, you keep the taste of far-off countries. Life was then easier, marriage and births gave rhythm to an existence that encouraged artistic bents. A deep sense of justice already lived you. But your living conditions predisposed you with contemplation.

Your present needs

You seek action, space, freedom. The long journey attract you, as well as scientific research. You would like to bring your personal involvement in fight against injustice and misery.

Your innate qualities

Idealist, you have sense of honour and friendship. At home, independence and originality join to create an attaching personality.

Your limits

Your impatience sometimes assumes an oppressive character. To impetuses of energy follow an difficult indolence and sentimentality to surmount.

Your projects of life

Your present existence is underlain by an imperious need of action and the desire to pass your limits. By reaction to sequences of idle lives, you will never be discouraged. Moreover life will impose you from the start of the difficult conditions with a less favoured social background, agitated family antecedents... Fights after fights, you will become aware of your well tempered heart. In love as in your profession, nothing of what is skimped will correspond you. You will rather try to explode structures in order to fit them with your own measurements. Nostalgic of the couple that you formed in a previous life, you will grope before finding your balance. Punctuated by generous acts, your existence should lead you far in the knowledge of yourself.

Some famous examples: Christopher Columbus, Elizabeth of Austria, Freud, Jung, Churchilll, Mao...

Text by Michaël Delmar

This analysis of Moon's Nodes gives only a brief statement of your past life. Others aspects have to be considered, such as their position in houses, the positions of the Black Moon and the Part of Fortune in signs and in houses. Which requires of course a karmic report of your birth chart.

To know the past is to understand the present and to build the future. Ask for a life reading

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