Reincarnation and Karmic astrology : Moon's Nodes

Le Cancer

Your North Node is in Cancer


Your karma

Your unconscious memory keeps the trace of difficult existences, based on the idea of survival. Some of your present convictions finds there a faraway origin: your taste for the family traditions, for example, as well as the feeling the need to belong to an ethnic or religious community. You sought to raise yourself above your initial condition and worked with eagerness. But the price of this rise cost you, and its fruits seemed to you rather bitter.

Your present needs

You search for an emotional balance, of the harmonious relations and a cordial home, above all.

Your innate qualities

You are sensitive, emotional and generous. Your fantasy amuses as much as it touches the heart.

Your limits

In remembering your own sufferings, it enables to you to see yourself as wounding, ironic and oppressive. You cannot always stop yourself in time.

Your projects of life

You are determined here to privilege the family values and the emotional exchanges that will constitute the frame of your existence. Not question of traversing the world as a recluse, it is necessary for you to have an understanding entourage and a steady base. You perpetuate the family traditions, by preserving your moral values jealousy, at the point to appear sometimes rigid about it. Your innate qualities, rigor, common sense and solidarity will enable you to have your place in the sun. You won't ask for anymore, preferring with the success and honours the quietude of a plain home. No heroism in your attitude, but rather an interior comfort.

Your achievement continues by the sharing with your close relations, and harmonises with it in your circle. Friendship and tenderness will represent the two pillars of your balance, of values combined accurately to the present as with the future.

Some famous examples: Lucrezia Borgia, Charlie Chaplin, Marilyn MonroeÖ

Text by MichaŽl Delmar

This analysis of Moon's Nodes gives only a brief statement of your past life. Others aspects have to be considered, such as their position in houses, the positions of the Black Moon and the Part of Fortune in signs and in houses. Which requires of course a karmic report of your birth chart.

To know the past is to understand the present and to build the future. Ask for a life reading

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