Reincarnation and Karmic astrology : Moon's Nodes

Les Gémeaux

Your North Node is in Gemini


Your karma

For pleasure, you lived a bohemian existence, free of the material constraints. You travelled a lot, attending the cultivated circles. Who were you? A man probably, because this kind of existence was reserved to them. Philosopher, speaker or writer, you devoted yourself to a rather selfish thought of manner. Study of languages and contact with other civilisations represented an intellectual enrichment of which you keep the benefit.

Your present needs

You search for the sharing with the greatest number. To redistribute the acquired knowledge, you will communicate effectively: television, press, cinema...

Your innate qualities

Humour, sense of the provocation, you have an immediate impact. Without counting an independence of mind and a exemplary freedom of form.

Your limits

You are likely to use your gifts by dispersing them overall. Your resistance is not inexhaustible. Far from it!

Your projects of life

The previous life experience offers an irresistible dash to you. Your intellectual curiosity where will be a source of joy and stimulation. From the start, your aura will place you in a privileged position, but don't take advantage of it. Professional failures and relational disappointments will teach you the relative value of success. You will forge for yourself a core of friends and will maintain with them an open dialogue. In all fields, by facing taboos, your independence of mind will be your winning card.

The training of the material life will not be done without difficulties, but you will anchor your ideals in reality. On the emotional level, your quest of union with your soul mate holds you some disappointments for you: you must learn how to recognise the limits of a relationship, as well as your inner richness and to be satisfied with it. Ranges of loneliness will punctuate your path of evolution.

Some famous examples: Shri Aurobindo, Agatha Christie, Che Guevara.. 

Texte de Michaël Delmar

This analysis of Moon's Nodes gives only a brief statement of your past life. Others aspects have to be considered, such as their position in houses, the positions of the Black Moon and the Part of Fortune in signs and in houses. Which requires of course a karmic report of your birth chart.

To know the past is to understand the present and to build the future. Ask for a life reading

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