Réincarnation et astrologie karmqiue : Les noeuds lunaires




It is generally accepted in the astrological community today that the Nodes of the Moon represent the major key towards understanding your life as part of a continual thread. Many astrologers believe that the Nodes hold more importance than the rest of the chart. To a qualified expert a knowledge of the Sun, Moon and Nodal positions can reveal the entire life of the individual.

At one level these Nodes reveal the track that your soul is running on in the current life, while the rest of the horoscope adds additional information as to how you are to make the journey. It is through the Nodes that Western astrology is now able to make its first inroads into relating this divine science to the Hindu concept of reincarnation.

The Nodes represent the cause, and effect relationships by which you lead your life. They are the difference between mundane and spiritual astrology.

Here we find the first clues as to why the rest of the chart is manifesting the way it is. Your personality and life have little meaning if not seen within a larger context. The Nodes place you on your stairway to heaven insofar as they define the karmic lessons you have chosen to take on for this life. Therefore your trials and tribulations begin to have new meaning when viewed as related chapters in the story of your continuous soul growth.

The Nodes are actually points of soul magnetism, one pulling toward the future and one coming from the past. The process, which we call life, is to blend these two into a median of happiness for you, so that your present incarnation is a symbol of your transition from the past to the future.

The North Node is the symbol of the future. It represents a new experience as yet untried. For yoy, this is the new cycle to which you are looking forward. Carrying with it all the apprehensions of the unknown and as yet untried experiences, this Nodal position nevertheless has a curious magnetic allure, pulling the soul towards its future growth.

The most amazing feature about North Node is that however much man achieves it, there is always more to go – as it truly represents his everlasting upward spiral towards God.

The North Node is opening, it is light at the end of the tunnel of your unconscious, the one that calls you with transfer and spiritual cure. It is thus on it we will concentrate our attention in interpretation.

The South Node is symbolic of man's past. It is not symbolic of one past incarnation but rather a combination of events, ideas, attitudes and thoughts from every incarnation whose accumulated unresolved effects have created the current life.

North Node Karmic meaning in signs

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