Reincarnation and Karmic astrology : Moon's Nodes

Les Poissons

Your North Node is in Pisces


Your karma

During your past existences, you developed an abstract intelligence and faculties of intellectual reasoning. You avoided the well tred paths, preferring by taste the short cuts. It resulted it was rather hard living conditions and disappointments. Your unconscious memory speaks of torments, comprehension and compassion. However, you tended to attach your feelings to speak only the language of the reason. This attitude maintained you in withdrawal the others, in a feeling of moral discomfort.

Your present needs

You have a sense of responsibilities, mission and ministration. You would wish to help those who suffer.

Your innate qualities

You are appreciable, generous and sympathising.

Your limits

You feel sometimes useless. You still doubt your means of action. Owing to lack of analysis, you may hold mistaken objectives.

Vos projets de vie

You pursue a humanist life project above all. Material comfort will count less in your eyes than years of action. You keep a sequence of previous life arrangements to philosophise and meditate. Use them to purify your thoughts by avoiding any censure. From the start, you will place yourselves at the sides of those who suffer to help them to carry their burden. Because you were once initiated with difficulties of the existence, you will advance with the heart of wise and will act in the society as doctor with his patients.

Engaged in a fight against the injustice, you will react in being sensitive. Your role is aside to listen to testimonies and to propagate them, rather than to take part directly in the action. Mediator rather than involved, you will excel denouncing the one time excesses, commenting on and discussing them.

Quelques exemples célèbres :  Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce,  Victor Hugo, Paul Cézanne, Charles Baudelaire…

Text by Michaël Delmar

This analysis of Moon's Nodes gives only a brief statement of your past life. Others aspects have to be considered, such as their position in houses, the positions of the Black Moon and the Part of Fortune in signs and in houses. Which requires of course a karmic report of your birth chart.

To know the past is to understand the present and to build the future. Ask for a life reading

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