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Composite and Combine 
of Bill and Hilary Clinton

Composite Chart
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The Composite

We take the two different charts and compose a new one. The planetary positions of the Combine are calculated by taking the midpoints of the planets of Bill and Hilary. To calculate the houses we take the middle of the two sidereal times as well as geographical latitude of the place of residence. 

The Combine  

We compare the birthdays, the times of birth and the places of birth of Bill and Hilary. We add the two values and then divide by two. The results are used as the basis for the new chart calculation.

Combine Chart
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The Sun in the Composite and Combine Chart

The Sun's position is especially important to the interpretation of a Composite and Combine charts. It serves to identify the basic character of the relationship and determines the kind of energy which dominates as well as the areas of life which are influenced by these energies. The Sun's position describes the quality of the relationship, visible from the outside and the dynamics produced by the union of two people. This makes it a symbol for the definitive topic for the two of you.

If the Sun receives challenging aspects, it is an indication that your relationship has some problems which you have to contend with, which will call for special effort and compromises if it is to lead to a satisfying relationship. Whereas harmonious aspects indicate a common basic drive based on shared convictions. This may prevent conflicts from arising or make those that do show up easy to resolve.

Because the Sun stands for the ability to express yourself in the regular natal chart, your position in a Composite and Combine chart will demonstrate your ability to develop independently of one another or to suppress aspects of your personality which will make you dissatisfied in the long run.


The Sun in the Second House
in the Composite and Combine Chart

Because the Second House is associated with material possessions, this position of the Sun is especially advantageous for relationships based on business deals or economic purposes. It will come to activities with greater significance in this respect, which may well be successful. In a romantic relationship you will agree with your partner on a workable economic foundation as well as decisions on financial security and life insurance. Possibly you will be doing well financially, live in a beautiful house and both enjoy nurturing your fortunes.

You have similar values and can build a long term relationship, but should watch out that you stay spontaneous and not create a life around material success. Maybe you will both come up with a good business idea, earn a small fortune and enrich each other with your differing talents. But donít allow yourself to become imprisoned among your valuable furnishings, and have to admit that you have neglected your emotions in favor of a full bank account.

If the Sun receives challenging aspects in the Second House, your values could become so different that it will be hard to maintain a common household.


The Sun in Conjunction with Mercury
 in the Composite Chart

There are probably no problems with communication in your relationship. You talk to each other a lot and are quick to see where your partner is headed. Your intellect should be well developed and sharp. You both learn a lot from the other and are surprised that your brains both seem to function so well. If you plan to do business together, and are thinking about going into sales, both of you will do well because you are good with numbers and donít make decisions based on vague feelings but rely on pure facts.

Probably you will enjoy studying together, but you should take care not to leave emotions completely out of the picture and let the relationship get too intellectual. This is especially true for romantic relationships, where you go on cool and analytically and ask yourself where all the wonderful emotions you used to have, have gone. You do your best not to neglect warmth and comfort whereby both of you feel completely accepted by your partner, with all your faults and weaknesses.


The Sun in Trine with Saturn
in the Combine Chart

In your relationship each can rely on the other. This feeling of stability and continuity is important to both of you and you probably do a lot to avoid disappointing the other and to be there for each other. You want to build a firmer foundation than other couples have, but have to watch out that you donít intellectualise the partnership to the point of stifling the spontaneous expression of emotion. Because this is a harmonious aspect, no great problems are likely to arise, still a certain earnestness could get in the way of the relationshipís development and excitement. The best way to avoid this is to loosen up a little, overcome your scepticism and allow new fields of interest to capture your imagination as often as possible.

It is also important to give your partner enough room to make new experiences. Trust that he or she wonít act contrary to your wishes, because of the deep feeling of responsibility. Professional endeavours should be successful as long as they are embedded in the traditional or conservative sector.


The meaning of the Moon
in the Composite and Combine Chart

The position of the Moon in the Composite and Combine charts is especially significant, because it tells about your emotional bond to each other and if the relationship has a sound emotional foundation. If the Moon receives harmonious aspects you will feel at ease with each other and maybe even feel like you have known each other for a long time, because the Moon symbolizes the past. You won't need a lot of words to understand each other and closeness, warmth and trust should develop quickly.

If the Moon has challenging aspects or if it's in a less favorable house, it may be difficult for you to talk about your feelings and everything that is going on inside you. You may even have an uneasy feeling that something isn't quite right with the relationship and you aren't able to get to the root of the problem. The house position will also tell you which area of life holds the greatest emotional conflicts, while the Moon's aspects tell about the quality of emotions in the partnership and how they effect the other factors.


The Moon in the Third House 
in the Combine Chart

In your relationship communication will always be determined by your feelings for each other. Basically the Third House represents objectivity and sober judgement, still with the Moon in the game everything is different: you make subjective decisions not only about your relationship, but also about everyday decisions and place more trust in your intuition than in reason. That has advantages and disadvantages. Probably you can make yourself understood with very few words and often there is an astounding amount of agreement on the way to do things, which is also very important to you. Arguments or intellectual differences could threaten the foundation of the relationship, still these problems should only occur if the Moon is aspected challengingly.

To avoid these kinds of problems, you should not take advantage of your partnerís weaknesses in arguments and manipulate each other in directions none of you really wants to go. Probably you feel hurt immediately by any misunderstanding, then it is important to shift your reason into gear and make it clear to yourself that you will always remain two individuals no matter how much your every day lives are intertwined. In any case your continuous efforts to talk about your motives and feelings have a positive aspect. Because the Third House stands for siblings and other relatives, they may have an unusually large influence on your relationship, and maybe helped you to get together in the first place.


The Moon in the Ninth House
in the Composite Chart

You can be happy if you honestly share your partnerís deepest convictions because you can imagine how she or he reached the one or the other conclusion. The Ninth House speaks for an intellectual and distanced emphasis, still the Moon brings the necessary warmth such that you can open yourself to your partner and always try to find a consensus. You enjoy a good conversation, because it makes you feel understood and accepted. Otherwise you feel a common desire to visit distant lands and may even come to live in one of them some day. Even if your backgrounds are very different, you wonít have any trouble dealing with each other because you can open yourselves up to each other without prejudices.

You will develop in each otherís company and can learn a lot from your partner by giving in to her and being allowed to listen to her secrets. It would be wonderful if you used the feelings you have for each other for a creative expression and doing charity work. This should be easy for you because your philosophy brings you to share your contentment with the community.


The Moon in Sextile with Venus
in the Combine Chart

You treat each other tenderly and express your feelings without being shy. You should feel attracted to each other with this sextile, because it will ensure a harmonious flow of energy from deep within you. When your partner needs you, you donít hesitate to be there, probably you cook for each other often and decorate your house. It is important to you to relax in a sensitive atmosphere, you will probably never be caught in a loud argument. What is wonderful is that you understand your partner from the heart and have a similar taste in art and decor.

Your union should last a long time; probably you have children together to whom you will be attentive and devoted parents. All in all, this is a great basis to make each other happy and content. Naturally this aspect is favourable to every kind of relationship and in business relationships financial problems should seldom arise, just the opposite, it should produce material gains.


The Moon in Sextile with Uranus
in the Composite Chart

Your ideas about security in a relationship donít necessarily include being able to predict your partnerís behavior, but rather the feeling that you are being treated fairly and not letting yourself be deceived. Probably your relationship seems special, in relation to others, because you give each other a lot of freedom which can also apply to the area of sexuality. You are open for unusual feelings, which your partner helps you to experience, and which could give you a complete new attitude toward your emotional processes. People on the outside may have trouble understanding your partnership, but that also is an implication of progress because it may help you to free yourself from immature expectations which may have made earlier relationships inflexible. You take pleasure in heading off in unfamiliar directions and in experimentation. In any case it will be to your advantage if you prove yourself to be adventurous.

Probably the relationship has been put through great changes, still you feel that you have come to know something special which is shared by only the two of you. There is harmony between your spiritual lives, but not a standstill, so that both the verbal as well as the intuitive understanding function and make you happy. Maybe you will discover that true love can allow both partners the necessary freedom of movement.


The meaning of Mercury
in the Composite and Combine Chart

As with the natal chart interpretation, Mercury stands for your communication abilities in Composite/Combine charts. Its position tells how well you understand each other, what your conversations are about and if your thought structures are similar. The dynamics of thought is expressed in the relationship; you can recognize the extent to which you can delve into your partner's thoughts and if you come to share the same convictions. Also Mercury's position tells you how honest you are with each other and if you express your thoughts openly. In many relationships it can be observed that there is simply not enough interactive communication; a Composite Mercury is put out of action.

If Mercury has challenging aspects it may indicate that your communication often ends in misunderstandings and you often talk on different levels. The aspects represent the remaining factors influencing your intellectual bond to each other. A well-placed Mercury will have a favorable effect on the relationship because the danger of misunderstandings will be minimized and disappointments can often be avoided. It also indicates that organizing every day life doesn't pose any great problems and can be approached in a similar manner.


Mercury in the Second House
in the Composite and Combine Chart

You both defend the same values, seen from an intellectual point of view and think that it is important to invest in successful communication in the relationship. Probably you are both concerned about continuing your education such that each of you will try to motivate the other to greater achievements. You place an extraordinary value on talking with each other, whereby you follow relatively fixed thought structures, although you are in agreement here. Probably you support the same opinion in discussions and stand up to opposition together and wonít change your minds very easily. However if Mercury receives challenging aspects, you may be rather obstinate toward your partner jeopardizing your relationship by not budging from your position. You will either understand each other well on an intellectual level or you have larger conflicts when different opinions arise.

Probably you could accumulate some wealth, because you prefer to use your intellectual capacity to consider investment options and to handle financial matters with expertise. Out of all these reasons a business relationship could benefit greatly from having Mercury in the Second House.


The meaning of Venus
in the Composite and Combine Chart

It goes without saying that the position of Venus in a Composite chart has special significance for all relationships, not only romantic. It gives information about your ability to love and about what love means to you and what role it plays in your day to day life. You may even come to understand how you came to be attracted to each other. It's not a matter of stability or having a life together, but rather the inexplicable emotions and impulses which keep two people together. This refers to the satisfaction and joy you feel from deep within, which evades reason and all attempts of discipline. If Venus is in a favorable position it should be an indication that you can get close to each other, share everything without holding back and genuinely feel good about the relationship while its aspects describe the factors which have a supporting or disturbing influence on the way you feel for each other.


Venus in the First House
in the Combine Chart

What brought you together was the strong attraction between you, which people around you will be aware of. Actually you have to gaze into each others eyes, happy to finally have found someone who makes you feel whole. When you go out together you seem harmonious and demonstrate a tenderness which is contagious; such that others will assume that you genuinely enjoy your partnerís company. Possibly you arenít able to describe what drew you together, because you donít necessarily have a lot of common interests. And still there is a bond, which will probably never end.

Especially wonderful is your willingness to treat each other tenderly, forgiving all your partnerís weaknesses. You may have a lot of fun being creative together and may experience art for the first time. Generally joy, pleasure and romance plays a larger role than in other relationships. Even if you should fight sometimes, it will be difficult for you to stay mad at each other after a while.


Venus in the Third House
in the Composite Chart

You thoroughly enjoy a conversation and will understand each other well. Together you meet up with friends or brothers and sisters and will have a good time together. The most beautiful arts especially draw your interest, whereby you may discover your talent for writing and your love of literature. Otherwise you talk about your relationship extensively and contemplate your role in it. If Venus receives harmonious aspects you will be intellectually stimulated by your partner and start to get involved in things which never interested you before. Still in spite of this rational emphasis, donít forget to have fun and keep your relationship interesting and flexible. Maybe you are amazed that your day can be structured so easily or that depressing thoughts from the past seem to dissolve effortlessly into thin air.

You should pay attention not to restrict your conversation to superficial chatter, but also to get to the root of the problem and incorporate the less pleasant aspects of your relationship into the conversation. Donít neglect sincere warmth or deep emotions because Venus will then be in a house of air, where warm emotions wonít be assured.


The meaning of Mars 
in the Composite and Combine Chart

Mars position in a Composite and Combine charts describes the relationshipís potential for releasing energy. It will tell about the areas in which you enjoy doing things together and where you can achieve a lot, provided that you are able to concentrate your strengths. On the other hand the position of Mars describes possible points of conflict, aggressive drives and the tendency to get your way even if it conflicts with your partnerís interests. Mars doesnít ask about the consequences of anything it does, it just forges on ahead, so that if Mars has challenging aspects it could present problems whenever you act without thinking. This is because neither of you are willing to take control or there is no way of compensating for your overactive drive and slowing it down.

In a romantic relationship, its position will provide a basis for an interpretation of sexuality and describe the emphasis placed on it in the relationship. An unfavorable Mars position could indicate a tendency to use sex as a way of carrying out conflicts, turning it into a power struggle. If one of you has too low or too high self esteem it will result in submissive or domineering behavior. A favorable Mars position may indicate that you both have a healthy ego and are capable of satisfying your needs without infringing on your partner.


Mars in the First House
in the Composite Chart

Probably you are a power couple and have to be out doing things constantly in order to make effective use of all the energy you generate together. It is important to you to find an outlet for your energy and to place your mark on your surroundings. Your strong will wonít let anything get in the way of your plans. Probably you will benefit from the fact that it was the relationship which revealed your full potential. You may even become overzealous and start believing that your super strength can overcome any barrier which gets in your way. That may work for a while, but then something will happen which will intimidate you so thoroughly that you wonít recover from it for a while.

It would be wonderful if you had creative ambitions to invest your energy in. If Mars had a challenging aspect, you could have serious problems with each other because you follow your egotistical interests and seldom take consideration of others. It could come to the point where physical confrontations are common. It depends on whether you are able to combine your enthusiasm for staying active and self assertion with a relative harmonious relationship. Possibly it will help you to live out your sexuality and prove your potency.


Mars in the Second House
in the Combine Chart

In your relationship you invest a lot of energy in securing your income, working, earning money and even acquiring a fortune. Dealing with material possessions is important to both of you because you want to invest your energy in concrete projects with tangible results. Probably you wonít need anyoneís help to stay on your feet, because accepting help would conflict with your self image. It is very possible that some day you will go into business for yourself or start some other projects with the intention of increasing your wealth. You shouldnít overdo it, because that would make a harmonious partnership more difficult for you to express tenderness beyond a certain degree.

If Mars is receiving challenging aspects, you may have a tendency to define yourself by your possessions and base your self image on status and reputation. At times your frustration over an unhappy relationship can lead you to devote yourself to material things in order to forget your troubles.


Mars in Square with Uranus
in the Combine Chart

Probably you both have problems keeping your temper under control and maintaining a minimum of predictability for your partner. You can both suddenly feel a need to do something and go into action without thinking, which can burden your relationship and cause confusion. The level of energy is high, although it can't always be put to use, which is why you often lose patience when your partner has done something and you are no longer sure what your common goal actually was. It will be important for you to clear up basic questions beforehand, even if you find it difficult. Because you both are apt to want to have your way in all circumstances, it will be sensible to set up some ground rules and maybe even the corresponding sanctions while you're at it. Because you are allergic to any kind of restriction, you will either have to realise that a relationship is more than just a dance, or split up.

It would be wonderful if you could find a common area of interest which is fun for both of you and where you can put your ideas into practice. Any kind of irritation will unload itself and lead to a loss of trust. Try to keep control of your temper and be "reasonable" or else the ensuing storm may be violent enough to make a reconciliation impossible.


Mars in Sextile with Jupiter 
in the Composite Chart

With this sextile you will be given enough energy to follow your dreams together with your partner and finally realize them. You enjoy working hand in hand, organize things to support each other in every way possible. Probably you don't invest your strength in projects which involve satisfying some individual personal need, but prefer to work on things where the success of your efforts will benefit as many people as possible. Because your activities should run the way you intended and you also have enough luck, you will find ample confirmation to keep a healthy self confidence, that is if you have been lacking in this area. Use your advantages to do as much as possible together, it will certainly be no disadvantage that everything you do will fall under a favorable star.

Sex should bring you a lot of pleasure, because you enjoy not only the physical but also the mental aspects and let your energy flow freely. If you have old inhibitions, they will suddenly dissolve and make room for a change in the way you see yourself. You know what you want, and take ethical considerations into account while determining your ambitions. You are doing nothing out of pure egotism or at least are careful not to cause harm to anyone. The partnership will give you enough optimism to take on goals which you have always thought were beyond your reach. Still it seems as if your experiences in the relationship have helped you to understand the way man made systems work and how they are connected, which is why you can make intelligent use of your energy without letting it seem strenuous. So start working together!


Mars in Sextile with the Ascendant
in the Combine Chart

Neither of you likes to be lazy or to spend a lot of time theorising; you have more of a drive to do something active together and to take your lives into your own hands. The partnership will give you enough confidence to bring up reasonable requests and won't keep you from opposing your enemies with the necessary force. You will get to know your strengths and will appreciate the fact that you don't have to put on velvet gloves before you touch your partner but can deal with each other without things becoming overly complicated. This should allow you to say what you think is right; you don't have to hold back or suffer from a lack of opportunities to develop your abilities and follow your interests. The efforts you make hand in hand are those you enjoy the most anyway, and will prove to be the most productive as long as you are able to master the tight rope act involved in acknowledging your needs and asserting yourself when it is important, on the other hand being considerate and not placing your ego too much in the foreground.

Use this sextile to structure your surroundings according to your wishes, you won't offend anyone, but you may captivate other people along the way and maybe realise things which would have remained empty chatter without your initiative. With this energy you could both come to celebrate many successes which is why a professional relationship could profit from this aspect. You can rely on at least one of you having enough energy to motivate the other, if it should ever be necessary.


The meaning of Jupiter
in the Composite and Combine Horoscope

Jupiterís position in a Composite and Combine chart can tell in which areas you have common potential for development. As the planet of luck, Jupiter, together with the corresponding house, symbolizes the area of life where you have the least problems and which gives you the opportunity to expand your horizons. If you find day to day life oppressive and lose yourself in thousands of details, Jupiter will show you how to find the meaning of your relationship which will lead you to a greater understanding of yourself. The area containing Jupiter will also give you the opportunity to make the most out of what you have and to realize humanistic ideals in your relationship. Maybe after this lesson you will see how certain problems from the past are solved in the relationship.

The only difficulty which may arise with Jupiter is the tendency to exaggerate and generally overdo things. Your challenge is to avoid excesses in this area and not to take useful opportunities for granted. Generally you can assume that Jupiterís harmonious aspects will bring positive energy and optimism which will make everything a little bit easier.


Jupiter in the Fourth House 
in the Composite Chart

If Jupiterís aspects in this house arenít more unfavorable than usual, you may like this constellation because it will bring a happy and contented home life with it. You find fulfillment together in your private sphere because you give each other warmth and comfort. Probably you have a relationship you can count on to give you a sense of worth because your partner is constantly demonstrating that being with you is important to her. Especially friends and acquaintances will often drop by and will have no cause to complain about a lack of hospitality. You both value having an open and friendly house with enough room for everyone in need of your help, as long as they donít abuse your kindness.

The home will be the focal point of your relationship, which is why you will invest a lot in getting enough space and decorating it tastefully. Maybe you got your house from your parents and live together with them, which is why there is always something going on and there is no lack of excitement. In any case, your attitude of belonging together and your commitment to building a foundation together will determine the way you treat each other and ensure your loyalty. Children may feel especially comfortable in such an atmosphere; it wouldnít be surprising if you had a lot of kids, because Jupiter stands for wealth in every respect.


Jupiter in the Tenth House
in the Combine Chart

This Jupiter position indicates that you are a good team and make a positive impression as a couple and that you will have plenty of opportunities to improve yourself socially and professionally. The climb will bring you to a higher spiritual level and lead you to consider the significance of this position. The partnership will motivate you to commit yourself to values which you wonít be inclined to change any time soon. If you havenít done it yet, begin to define your own goals and put them into practice within the partnership, whereby you should feel free to leave room for your philosophical and humanistic convictions.

Possibly you are involved in social projects and use your talents to eliminate problems in society. Because you want to be taken seriously you always try to be consistent and never to demand more of others than you are willing to give, especially from your partner. Your integrity and good will are not in the slightest danger of being placed in question. This will help you to attain a responsible position and to use the power placed in your hands wisely. If you form a business partnership, it will have the best development under this constellation because mutual trust plays a great role and the same moral standards will apply to both sides.


Jupiter in Square with Saturn
in the Composite Chart

Your relationship to each other could leave you feeling very imbalanced and cause you to see your situation from one day to the next in completely different colors. You are either overly optimistic, oblivious to the most evident facts, or you see everything too pessimistically and shy away from changes out of fear of the uncertain. Maybe this constellation also means that you have very different attitudes toward life which may lead one of you to try to hold the other back, making him or her feel like being restricted. It would be positive if you were able to bring your opposing qualities into harmony and finally achieve realism which includes being able to take calculated risks. Still square aspects represent a challenge in the respect that the partner may have trouble unifying all the energies involved.

This square concerns the necessary qualities which exist in a state of infancy, such as the drive for expansion, an interest in new experiences and an optimistic attitude which combines Saturn's hesitation and inhibitions with the desire for consistency. Most likely you will need some time to build a foundation for trust, which will hopefully give you more freedom than you had at the beginning of the partnership. Both of you will have to be willing to give in, either to your partnerís need for security or the need to be unrestrained. If you arenít willing to compromise, at least one of you will become dissatisfied over time.


Jupiter in Square with Pluto
in the Composite Chart

It may be that the two of you are so obsessed with being successful that your attitude makes your lives difficult. Social position means a lot to you. All this could cause your life together to be reduced to practical organization where tenderness and sensitivity is neglected. In spite of this you could be very successful and achieve what you set out to do, however the question remains, whether that contributes to your happiness? But maybe you got into this partnership under the pretense of helping each other out and were prepared to take on certain roles from the beginning which are then tied to specific expectations. Think about whether you really accept your partnerís weaknesses and stand by when you are needed. You shouldnít resent your abilities but should be willing to learn from each other.

Maybe you are trying to keep each other under control and want to keep tabs on everything your partner does. You could have a tendency to see each other as competitors working against each other instead of admitting that your abilities are complementary. With a little cooperative effort you could realize your dreams. People around you will feel the influence of your charm, because you could try to use it to win friends for yourself and subtly turn them against your partner. The stress could cramp you up so much that it leaves you isolated. Consider whether you are ready to approach each other with good will and treat each other well. If that is the case, you can turn over a new leaf; you just need to be understanding and to relax a little in order to tune into your strengths instead of your weaknesses.


The meaning of Saturn 
in the Composite and Combine Chart

Saturnís position is characterized by a more problematic part of the relationship where diverse causes can surface. You may have had bad experiences with these problems in the past which are still straining your current relationship and prevent trust from developing. Or you are simply insecure how you should act in the area of life represented by that specific house. You may feel restricted, controlled or oppressed. If Saturn has challenging aspects it indicates difficulties expressing your personality, whereby, as personal interaction, your partner plays a significant role.

Once Saturnís challenges have been overcome, it will reveal the area which will bring stability to your relationship where you can see your situation especially realistic. Then you will no longer be carrying an idealized vision of your partner, but you are going to accept him as he is. Saturnís remaining aspects will show the effects of your power of concentration in conjunction with other factors in your relationship.


Saturn in the Seventh House
in the Combine Chart

The Seventh House plays an important role in Combine horoscopes, which is why Saturn is especially noticeable, exercising influence on your entire relationship. You donít take your relationship lightly and often contemplate what togetherness means, even though you may overdo it sometimes. For both of you reliability and a sense of responsibility are very important to a partnership. You know exactly what you expect and although you set high standards, you always do your best to be co-operative. Your partner is the corner stone of your life, which doesnít mean that you wouldnít get along on your own. Both of you mature in a relationship but could also stifle spontaneity and keep every development under control.

Another negative aspect of this constellation is an inclination to restrict the other or to feel restricted yourself. Try to keep the relationship as lively as possible by not replacing affection and romance with work and the fulfilment of obligations. Both of you are faced with the challenge to overcome your reserved nature to allow for the expression of emotions.

If you are just working together this will be a challenging constellation through which you can achieve a lot. If you arenít likely to become friends, then you should watch out because this person could do you in.


Saturn in the Twelfth House 
in the Composite Chart

This house position is characterized by the most difficult type of challenge which can arise in connection to Saturn. Try to learn to carry out conflicts and resentment openly, if any should arise. Possibly you are both carrying secrets around with you, which you donít want to share with your partner and are then surprised that you donít feel close to each other. Your inclination to suppress things and keep secrets could make it difficult to find your way to each other and have positive experiences. Most likely you will find yourself involuntarily repeating certain patterns of behavior in your relationship, which you may not even be aware of. If you donít watch out you will become more and more stubborn and create a lot of problems for yourself.

Maybe you donít understand why it is so difficult for you to express your thoughts and emotions freely to this particular person. It could help you to focus your attention on the positive characteristics of your partner and to behave as spontaneously as possible. First of all you should guard yourself against unnecessary accusations; that has never led to a constructive solution.


Saturn in Sextile with Neptune
in the Composite Chart

A sextile between Saturn and Neptune will enable you to see your partner realistic and make reasonable assumptions about the relationship, which will extend beyond day to day life to include maintaining a vision of a happy future together. Keeping your consciousness and your dreams in harmony and appropriate to the situation can help you make detailed plans together and then let you be swept away in emotions. Your expectations arenít about material values, you insist on an understanding and loving environment. Probably you have concrete ideas about how people should live together, but donít follow just this goal in your imagination; you are willing to go to court if need be and to work hard to make your dream a reality.

This aspect denotes more a platonic relationship, because Saturn symbolizes everything but sensuous pleasures and Neptune brings a tendency to de-emphasize the physical. That indicates that a sexual relationship wouldnít be very satisfying, unless other factors of the horoscope tell a different story. You will never have to work on yourself to give in or to grant your partner an advantage, because it is only natural for you to support the other as much as possible, which can be extreme in your case. For this reason you should watch out that your own needs arenít denied or suppressed; such behavior will lead to frustration and ultimately to feeling guilty about these negative emotions. Be honest about your weaknesses and your own human nature.


Saturn in Conjunction with Pluto
in the Composite Chart

The relationship will probably be extremely challenging and could put you to the test. This may be complicated by your determination or your inclination to neglect your own needs which can make the atmosphere embittered. You set your goals extraordinarily high and work hard to achieve them, but are hard to please and rarely give yourself time to rest. One day the pressure could build up to the point where you start to look for a way to let off steam and then explode for no apparent reason. For this reason you should definitely make sure that you are clear about what it is that you want and find a way to put yourself at ease. That could release enormous amounts of energy and maybe disrupt actions which havenít been given thorough consideration, but have been built up over a period of years.

On the other hand you will get to know your strengths and abilities by driving each other to continue; you donít allow yourself to be deceived and trust in your ability to reason. Both of you are fighters and donít give up, even if it seems as though the whole world has sworn itself against you. Maybe you were a team, which promised to stand behind each other, offer mutual support in every way and cannot be driven apart. You will grow closer and become a source of stability, as long as you are able to share the pleasures of life and can avoid taking things too serious.


The meaning of Uranus
in the Composite and Combine Chart

Uranus in a Composite chart stands for the potential for development in unconventional ways. It stands for the renewal brought about by the partnership and for your readiness to react spontaneously and intuitively to your partnerís unusual behavior. In the area of life represented by its house position you should be ready for anything because the greatest turbulence may creep up on you unexpectedly in this area. Your spiritual development and your interest in unusual experiences should harmonize with those of your partner, otherwise your differing lifestyles and enthusiasm for experiments may lead to problems. Uranusí position and its aspects will tell you whether there is harmony or not.

Uranus will teach you to give your partner freedom and also provide lessons in detachment, if they should be necessary. In spite of this, or because of it, a romantic relationship can continue as a friendship even after it has been ended. Uranus can make it possible. The least number of problems will arise in this context if your expectations are not all too exact and if your partnership is easy going and flexible. Remember that every form of freedom and every advantage open to you has to also be granted to your partner.


Uranus in the Fifth House
in the Combine Chart

This constellation could indicate an unusual romance with strong and varying emotions. If you can manage to stay together over a longer period of time will depend on whether you give your partner enough freedom and if you have enough interests to follow independently. Probably each of you has a different concept of relationship than the rest of the population, because you donít want to plan long term, but prefer to be free to act on every whim. Even if this trait is suppressed by other factors of your horoscope leaning towards a need for security, it can suddenly rear its head and be the cause of many problems. You insist on being free to express yourself at all times and living out your personality in your relationship without restrictions, which others may think is antagonistic, but which is simply a part of you.

Probably you have nothing against making an interesting and unpredictable impression as a couple. Not all of your activities will go over well, but you will stand by each other in spite of creating enemies in the ranks of conservative, traditional people. If you have children, they will bring excitement into your life, which you will have no problem dealing with, as long as Uranus doesnít receive unfavourable aspects. Professionally you could profit from each other in the area of creativity, but have to watch out that you donít overdo your attempts to distinguish yourself and remain willing to compromise and to take care of things like tedious bookkeeping.


Uranus in the Eleventh House 
in the Composite Chart

In this house Uranus can show its best side because it is at home here. You may have very idealistic ideas about a relationship and put a lot of effort into realizing them while keeping yourselves from falling back into tired old ruts. Your partnership is constantly being enriched by new impulses; probably you share the same dreams and visions, like to work for the community and spend a lot of time with your clique. Your friends may also help to keep you interested in what is going on and keep up with the latest trends. Maybe you have some "crazy" friends which you get along with because you find conforming to the norms of society a frightening thought.

For you a partnership is a special kind of friendship, which can be carried on with no problem after the romance has died. Your common goals, the belief in the future and the humanitarian challenge facing the world community is more important to you than a cozy twosomeness demanding a lot of obligations. Probably you both realize that keeping an open mind makes life more interesting and that no one should be too quick to adopt the opinions dominant in society. When necessary you will stand up for your convictions.


The meaning of Neptune 
in the Composite and Combine Chart

The position of Neptune in a Composite chart isnít easy to interpret. It basically stands for the spiritual side of a partnership, cherishing your partner and giving him/her unconditional love and affection. There is a reason that Neptune is called the higher octave of Venus, because it represents selfless giving; which can also lead to abuse and completely giving up on oneself, when it reaches a negative extreme. The area of life symbolized by this house also harbors the tendency for long-term self-deception and chasing ideals, which can never be attained. On the other hand you can take advantage of the opportunity to develop an intuitive understanding of each other.

You should become aware of the way you act in this area and ask yourself if you are prepared to come to terms with the reality of your partnership. You should appreciate the extraordinary potential hidden therein which you only need to tap. But donít forget, wherever Neptune is present, wishful thinking will often set the stage.


Neptune in the Third House 
in the Composite Chart

Your satisfaction with the partnership should be dependent on your ability to overcome everyday misunderstandings and make clear commitments. Neptune could cause you to have trouble finding the right words to explain your convictions to your partner. Especially routine and organizational obligations could become difficult. A lot of things wonít be understood the way they were intended, which may be compounded by neighbors and relatives getting in the way of efforts to clear things up.

You have to be aware of the complications in language and take the time to make sure that you were really understood. If you live up to this challenge, it will clear the way for development in the other direction: then a wondrous agreement may arise almost without words and you will know immediately what your partner is after. Neptune in the third house can contribute to creating confusion in the area of communication, which can be dissolved by developing more sensitivity for the intuitive part of the exchange; Although when dealing with professional ties and their contractual agreements caution is especially advisable


Neptune in the Ninth House 
in the Combine Chart

This is a "good" Neptune position which will contribute to an important intellectual development within the relationship. This will teach you to utilise your intuitive abilities in the context of larger considerations. You worry about social development, but rely more on your sensitive power of observation and creativity than on cool reason. Maybe you will find your way to each other through a common outlook or at least sense a deep bond in this area. Probably you believe in the good in people and are convinced that the consciousness of all inhabitants of this planet will be developed enough to enable all to live together in peace.

You like to contemplate spiritual phenomena and will be able to acquire a lot of knowledge in this area. Probably you would like to serve as an example of how the power of the mind can overcome the lower instincts which often make life so difficult. In any case you see the partnership as a chance to find a spiritual relationship which goes beyond words. Just pay attention that you help each other keep both feet on the ground.


The meaning of Pluto 
in the Composite and Combine Chart

Plutoís position in a Composite and Combine chart describes the area of life where the partnership should expect great changes. This planet will make sure that previous developments are brought to a close and give you opportunities to prove yourself in new situations. You are also called on to exercise detachment from certain circumstances and to allow people for your continued development and new experiences. If you arenít flexible and try to resist this course of events, there will be problems in your relationship brought about by baggage which you canít seem to let go of. Letting yourself get closer to the people you meet up with will give you enough energy to make changes to your way of life. Pluto symbolizes the topics which can be most important to a relationship and may even induce changes.

If Pluto receives negative aspects, you have to be careful not to drift into senseless power struggles or intense competitions in this area. Neither of you likes to give in and both of you try to dominate and manipulate your partner. Still crises can arise which may prove to be healing in the end. Although you may not be able to appreciate the benefits until you have put the events behind you. Additionally, under Plutoís influence bursts of emotion and uncontrollable passions may suddenly take over.


Pluto in the Seventh House
in the Combine Chart

Although various aspects of this Pluto position will lead to very different interpretations, one statement will be true in every case: your relationship will be intensive and will bring a great potential for passion with it. Your partner will draw you closer until you have got to know a small corner of each other's psyche and have broken all the taboos. If you work on planning a life together, you will try to bring about the necessary changes in yourself and without looking back. You are open for your partner, and invest a lot of energy in the relationship and are given extraordinary energy. Maybe the relationship serves as a driving force for your life and keeps you in gear. At least topics concerning your partnership have priority to you.

Pluto in the Seventh House can have unpleasant effects, which will be revealed by its aspects. You could have a tendency to want to overtrump each other, to create competitive situations and dominate your partner whenever you can. In working as a team, you both have a lot of strength and courage, this is also an argument for paying special attention to what you are doing and its effects on the state of other people. Otherwise the situation could escalate to the point of exploding, hurting everyone and resulting in others avoiding your company. If you ever catch one of you oppressing the other and trying to take control of the relationship, you will have to find a way to change the situation immediately, or end the relationship as harmoniously as possible.


Pluto in the Twelfth House 
in the Composite Chart

In your relationship important developments take place in secret; even if it is nothing exciting externally, your partnerís presence could motivate you internally and some day lead you to open yourself up completely. Maybe you donít understand the dynamics of everything which moves you and your partner to the furthermost corners of your souls, but it would still be best if you didnít fight the process. There may be certain patterns of behavior which you have felt powerless to change which you can now get under control; childhood problems could be worked through, leaving you freed and self confident. This constellation depends heavily on the basic motivation which brought you together. If your intentions toward each other are less than honorable, you could cause each other a lot of pain and exploit each otherís weaknesses.

Maybe people feel threatened by your unusual and intense charm and try to bar your way. Also your relationship could provoke resistance. Donít react with exaggerated rejection, but try to talk to your opponent, it may prove to be productive.

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