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Edgar Cayce's Birth Chart Interpretation

Born in Bowling Green (KE)
on March 18, 1877 at 15.15


The Sun
The Creating Self

The Sun is referred to as the star at the centre of our solar system. It is a sphere, around which the Earth and the other planets rotate. An elliptical orbit which causes the distance between the two to vary. The Sun is enormous in relation to the planets, approximately 700 times larger than all the planets put together. Although from the Earth, the Sun seems to cross above us symmetrically from East to West every day, it only appears to be so. Following the Vernal Equinox the Sun moves to the North until the 21st of June (in the Northern Hemisphere the day with the shortest night) when it reaches its climax in Cancer. It changes directions turning south continuing past the autumnal equinox until reaching its turning point in Capricorn on the 22nd of December, in the northern hemisphere the day with the longest night.

The Sun was naturally the first and most important celestial body to be observed by man and therefore plays an import role in mythology. The Sun is personified by Apollo (in Greek mythology) and by Helios (in Roman mythology). This god brought life energy, enlightenment and healing. In Astrology the position of the Sun describes our personalities. People who are not yet well aquatinted with Astrology refer to themselves as Pisces if the Sun was in the sign Pisces at the time of their birth. Naturally the Sun is a very important part of the interpretation but it remains merely one factor among many. A well placed Sun enables us to radiate joy, confidence and strength as well as fight off disease. The Sun corresponds to the sign Leo, which has the same attributes.

Your Sun in Pisces

Due to your sensitive nature you are able to pick up on mood changes in your surroundings. Sometimes itís hard to tell if it is a blessing or a curse because your extraordinary perception can cause internal confusion. You are like a sponge, taking in everything indiscriminately, later wondering which are your own emotions and opinions. You often complain about the hard reality. Your beautiful ĎDream Worldí wonít provide a permanent solution, you are going to have to learn to get along with the way things are. You should withdraw more often and try to relax with good literature.

Pisces, being the last of the twelve Sun signs, takes on something from each one. You are swimming in the great ocean of the diversity of signs. This may not always be easy. You often have trouble making a decision because Neptune, the ruler of Pisces, is clouding your thoughts. You should try to appear more determined, investing your energy in concrete ambitions. Donít allow yourself to become dependent on the goodwill of others, insist on standing on your own two feet. First, you must overcome your fear and become aware of your great potential.

In the creative arts, especially music, you are able to impress those around you with your successes. You will reach your lifeís goal by activating your filter and learning to differentiate the problems, which should be addressed from those which donít concern you. You may find strength in faith, Christianity is embodied in the sign Pisces, the character Jesus Christ may describe the qualities and potential of this sign well. You are capable of honest sympathy and may find your calling in charity work. Be careful of drugs, they can become dangerous more quickly than you think.

Your Sun in the Eighth House

You long for a union with a "superior being", even if this isnít conscious and you deny it to yourself. Try to expand your horizons through more personal contacts and exchanges.

The eighth house stands for other peopleís life resources. You may strengthen your identity by falling back onto the material possessions of your friends, especially if they have already offered their assistance. You could fulfil your wish to invest your energy in large projects by professionally handling other peopleís finances.

It isnít just the material exchange, which is important, but also the emotional. If you have an emotional nature your friendships will bring hidden character traits and unresolved childhood problems to the surface as well as further your development and individual expression associated with the Sun. An erotic relationship can serve to vent frustration and stimulate regeneration and healing after a collapse. Youíll get the maximum benefit from an intensive relationship with someone of the opposite sex. This will provide all the aggravation you need to progress.

Generally the eighth house is associated with death and inheritance. Death holds a special fascination for you which causes you to address topics which others avoid. It is to be hoped that you will be able to deal with everything you stir up.

Your Sun in Square with your Jupiter

Guard against careless action. Possibly you want to put your plans into action without investing a lot of effort. You take on too much and then get frustrated when things donít go as expected. This often results in an exaggerated egotism. Try to relax, even if you arenít able to change overnight.

This aspect can point to a tendency for arrogance as well as to excesses in the areas associated with the houses and signs where the Sun and Jupiter are found. You are probably very generous, although you donít give without harbouring expectations. Make an effort not to become intolerant, trying to push your ideology on others.

Your Sun in Sextile with your Pluto

With your energy reserves you are in a position to help others and enjoy doing so, especially if they are in a miserable situation they get out of it on their own. When you act, it is under the motto, "help to self help", which is why you reject pity and will never let yourself be used. Bring out your strength of character and proceed tactically. A nearly invisible and influential power is emitted through your person and creates endurance. Even when you think youíre completely exhausted you can tap into the hidden energy of the universe. A study of yoga and meditation will help you to bring your esoteric abilities under control.

Anyone who hears you feels drawn to you because you have recognised connections and know what you are talking about. Acquire an ability to communicate and use it to search for the hidden talents of others. Use the trust people place in you not only for your own goals, but to contribute to a better standard of living for everyone on the planet.


The Ascendant
Gate to The External World

The Ascendant is the rising sign in the East at the time of birth. It metaphorically channels our expectations of life. The first impression stays with us throughout the day, influencing each contact and every event. The Ascendant channels all the other energies in the chart actively working to express themselves. It describes the way we live our natal chart and how we confront our environment, making up an important part of our identity.

As to the question of the differentiation between the Ascendant and the role of the Sun keep in mind how difficult it is for us as well as for others to differentiate the expression of our personality from our personality itself. This question can therefore only be partially resolved. It is much more important to live the positive aspects of your sign and to bring it into harmony with all the other energies and influences.

Your Ascendant in Leo

You radiate Energy, like the Sun and attract people with your creativity, optimism and leadership capabilities. You are often more successful than others, who have trouble getting off the sidelines. You have no problem doing just that, you love being the centre of attention and need to rant about on centre stage. With your charisma, you wonít be overlooked.

Donít deceive yourself: Your behaviour holds traps for you; your inclination to be overconfident and not notice how ridiculous your power struggles are. If you want to achieve the greatness of which you are capable, then you will have to learn to use your extraordinary talents responsibly. That will prevent you from acquiring a false pride, seeing the world as a stage and defying reality to bask in narcissism. It would be a shame if you waste your energy only to draw the envy of your subjects.

You should make it a habit to frequently step back and practice humility. Let someone else have a turn and look on calmly. You need to relax more, no one can hold out controlling everything for very long.

It is important for you to surround yourself with friends who donít hesitate to tell you what they really think and have enough self-confidence to raise the stakes during a confrontation and donít simply applaud you. These friends will help you to recognise what you can actually achieve and help you set sensible goals, which will establish relationships, based on trust. If you manage that your natural powers, inspiration and creativity will radiate more strongly than you ever imagined possible.


The Moon
The Emotional Attitude

The Moon does not travel around the Earth in an exact circular orbit but moves elliptically. Its diameter is approximately 3500 kilometres making it a tiny speck of dust in the universe. People have found its constantly changing form fascinating, giving rise to innumerable myths, legends and tales. While the Sun is associated with male consciousness, the Moon is seen as female. Womenís menstrual cycles are in accord with the 28-day Moon cycles. Mood goddesses have been described diversely; as moody, dark and cruel or as life giving and sensitive. They have been called Demeter, Hera, Artemis, Hekate or Persiphone. Even the Virgin Mary has been often portrayed as a Moon crescent.

The Moonís influence on the Earth and its inhabitants should not be underestimated. If it is responsible for the changes in tide, why shouldnít it also alter our body fluids?

The phase of the Moon at the time of birth is a very important facet of astrological interpretation. The waning Moon is a period for concentration and gathering, with all energies turned inward. The new Moon is the climax of this development. The waxing Moon is the opposite, a time for growth and allowing emotions to be expressed freely. Everyone has at least once in his or her lifetime spent restless or even sleepless nights on a full Moon. Quite a few locations like Koh Phangan in Thailand or Goa in India have institutionalised 'Full Moon Partiesí, which attract thousands of people at a time.

In a horoscope the Moon is associated with the sign Cancer and represents the subconsciousness, emotional disposition, fertility, creative energies, the home, family, mother and the reception of other peopleís moods. You can tell if someone tends to be moody or emotionally stable.

Your Moon in Taurus

With the Moon in Taurus youíll need a stable emotional foundation. You want to know where you stand and donít let yourself avoid confrontations. Anyone entering a relationship with you canít hold back, you must be able to rely on them. You need warmth and attention but also have a lot to give. Once you are sure of yourself you are able to let others depend on you. You are an easygoing person. Once your needs are satisfied you lead a contented life. Your acute physical awareness tells you when you have eaten enough and when you need a change in diet.

If you live according to your needs and emotions, you could find yourself indulging in material comforts and consuming compulsively. You may become covetous, overweight and trapped in a monotone life, which restricts your freedom.

Your childhood was loving and caring, you never had to complain about a lack of attention or security. Your parents may have spoiled you, making you sometimes appear demanding. Use your abilities to provide yourself with a protective environment and enjoy life. Your relationships are probably lasting which will eventually give you the self-confidence to be spontaneous and take risks. Youíll find that it pays not to try to plan everything in life.

Your Moon in the Ninth House

The Moon in the ninth house makes your emotions an inroad to the world of philosophy and ethics. Intuitively you sense the spirit of the age guiding morality and can even foresee future events. You can interpret symbols or old ornaments with understanding and imagination. Even if your rational thoughts donít get you anywhere, you are able to feel the solution and rely on your instinct. You will take on your family values, but donít be timid about questioning these values from time to time and reforming them when necessary.

If you should feel a strong urge to live in a foreign country for a while, you should go for it. The Moon in the ninth house will provide you with ample opportunity. When you have finally got on your way it was probably due to a strongly emotional decision or from fantasising about foreign cultures. Be careful that you donít use travel, dreams, or the occult as an escape from reality. Meditation in a Buddhist monastery may not remove all of your worries.

The nurturing principle of the Moon expresses itself in your capacity to share your knowledge with others. Beware of seeing yourself as a guru, who inspires his followers and gives them insights and hope, but doesnít place enough emphasis on maintaining self-reliance.

People of the male persuasion may have a special fascination for foreign women, or be drawn to women from whom they can learn a lot without having to submit to matriarchal structures. You will never willingly give up your freedom.

Your Moon in Sextile with your Mercury

This aspect gives you an excellent memory and a keen intellect. Reason and emotion should live together in harmony. This allows you to follow up your ideas with concrete action. You are well informed in the area of nutritional research and are always neat and well dressed.

You can handle your household; the challenges of daily life arenít a great problem for you. What is remarkable is the communication between you and the people near you. You share your ideas with anyone who is interested, which is usually a multitude, because you arenít only impressed by world events but also give your emotions ample room for expression.

You have a high degree of tact, because you are sensitive to the moods of the people around you and are careful not to hurt anyone. Itís not easy to knock you off balance because you have friends you can count on who value your friendship largely due to your good judgement and carefully chosen words.

Your Moon in Sextile with your Venus

This aspect will make all areas of life concerned with your home and partnership a little easier. In this respect you know exactly what you want. Potential partners wonít be kept in the dark about your strengths and weaknesses, so that nothing should stand in the way of a successful relationship.

Your sensitive perception enables you to deal with people skilfully. Friendships are not taken lightly, nor are you opposed to working within groups or organisations. One of your primary concerns is taking care of others. Together with your brothers and sisters you care for your parents whenever they need help. Your charm effects people such that you are seldom unwillingly alone.

Your Moon in Trine with your Mars

You need a certain amount of emotional suspense and have a great physical and psychic energy reservoir. Contrary to Mars customs, you donít always have to be first, but may also conform to the wishes of others. Whether youíre decorating your home or conducting business, you are especially creative and donít hesitate to take small risks. Your actions are guided by your emotions, whereby you wonít tolerate any slip ups and put your sensitivity, which is valued by everyone, to constructive use. When working for justice you are perfectly able to put your visions into practice.

Also you have no problem revealing most intimate feelings to others and if your attraction should turn out not to be mutual, donít let yourself feel dejected. Usually you are pleasant and people tend to feel at ease in your company. However, you do have an extreme reaction to dishonesty. You donít expect people to be perfect and you are quick to forgive mistakes. However you insist on admitting discrepancies.

Your Moon in Sextile with your Saturn

With this aspect you show composure and practical skills in both private and professional situations, because you have true - as well as efficient - organisational talents. Your financial records always satisfy the bank. You are very rational, and sometimes are criticised for your lack of imagination, but it is more important to you to hang onto to what you know than to thrust yourself into new enterprises.

Your sincere openness and honesty as well as your clear head should help you attain professional success. Patience and your characteristic intelligence help you to take care of daily routines. You are certain that this is the way to achieve the best results.

In your free time you read interesting books which also serve your continued education because you are only too well aware of your career demands to keep up with the latest research. Thus you will be well prepared for any opportunity which presents itself.

Your Moon in Conjunction with your Midheaven

Maybe you will reach a public position, which will bring you into contact with a lot of people. Whereby you will often call on the resources of the women around you; whether you are male or female. Professionally you may deal with the structuring of households. It is also possible that you are drawn to acting. If the rest of your chart isnít negatively influenced in this area, you will usually leave a positive impression on others.


The Mental Expression

From the Earth, the planet Mercury seems to travel about as fast as the Sun. This is an illusion. Mercury orbits around the Sun in approximately 88 days. Its distance from the Sun is 59 million kilometres. With its diameter of 4840 kilometres it is smaller than the Earth. Mercury can be either a morning or an evening star. In a horoscope, it can be at most 28 degrees away from the Sun, so that the only possible aspect to the Sun for Mercury is a conjunction.

In mythology Mercury or Hermes served as a messenger to the gods, responsible for conveying news. His intelligence and his silver tongue allowed him to become the god of commerce. He enjoyed cheating others so much that thieves and other 'riffraff' honour him as a god. In Astrology he represents our ability to communicate, analytical reason, business sense, common sense and wit. As morning star it is associated with the sign Gemini, as evening star with Virgo.

Your Mercury in Pisces

Mercury doesnít feel at ease in Pisces. The foggy atmosphere here inhibits clear thinking. You like to let your wishful thinking colour your perception of reality and then make decisions which defy logic. Usually you are lead by a feeling. Success and failure depend on how well your intuition is functioning at the moment. Youíre aware of great passions within you, but these are usually too vague to allow concrete goals to develop. You should find an honest and reliable ācounsellorĎ, who can get your head straight once in a while. Pay special attention to language, express yourself clearly, otherwise misunderstandings are inevitable. By the way, you donít have to interpret all the events happening around you according to their relation to yourself, some things happen that have absolutely nothing to do with you.

If you are moved by lyric and prose, you should definitely follow up your interest and get your thoughts down on paper. Others may be intrigued by your writing. You will get a better grip on your life when you start taking a hard look at reality, even if youíll never be an Einstein.

Your Mercury in the Seventh House

If Mercury is found in the seventh house of your horoscope, the most effective way to expand your knowledge is through contact to others. We can learn a lot from each other. You sense a need to get to know a lot of people and talk to them. You invest a lot of time finding out about other opinions and also what others think about you.

You are looking for a partner for intense discussions. Usually you are interested in a lot of different people and have trouble deciding on one; you never know who else might show up. Maybe you expect your partner to make decisions or organise things for you. You may also run into people who are completely unreliable.

Donít be overly critical of the imperfections, which your potential partner will have. You can smooth things out with consultation and understanding. But a good dose of humour should definitely be not left out.

Take care not to intellectualise your relationship. It would be better to listen to your inner voice. Be more relaxed and avoid putting your partner under pressure. This may help the relationship to remain stable over a period of time; which is what you always wanted.

Your Mercury in Conjunction with your Venus

With this aspect you should be able to express yourself both orally and in writing and have a lot of fun with language. People usually get along with you because you have no problems making compromises. It would be too stressful to always insist on having your way. Work in the background is easier for you than standing in the limelight. People appreciate the way you follow up your words with action. In dealing with others you are charming and diplomatic and mostly use your abilities for humanistic causes. Maybe you are a writer or work in some other area of communication. You like to spend time with others and your radiant presence makes everybody feel good. This carefree and easy life will be reflected at work, even during those phases in which you canít make yourself comply with regular procedures. It may be better for you to break off and go into business for yourself; be confident that you can do it.

Your Mercury in Sextile with your Mars

Even with your sharp intellect and mental capacity, there are some questions you canít answer. In your volunteer work you can count on the support of others because you defend your positions clearly. This aspect is especially advantageous for work in the area of journalism and in research, because you love to stick your nose into others peopleís business. You say whatever you feel like saying, making it possible for you to make a clear decision and act accordingly.

Out of interest for politics and social affairs you are frequently found among people who love discussions and are prone to giving speeches. When it comes to arousing support for your positions, you are no novice. However, you should be more considerate of the feelings of others. With this winning combination you have good chances of achieving whatever you set out to do.

Your Mercury in Conjunction with your Saturn

Although you arenít the most witty and rhetorically trained person around, your logical way of thinking will help you take care of your private and professional obligations to everybodyís satisfaction. Reason and common sense wonít let you raise your voice without having considered the issues first. Your studies are comprehensive and well structured. You have the endurance to work intensively over a long period of time. A pronounced understanding of form and structure combined with your mathematical abilities makes you especially suitable for a career in architecture or engineering. On your way to realising your intellectual ambitions, expect some difficulties and prepare to take time out for relaxation and compensation. This will combat symptoms of nervousness, as would a healthy sense of humour. Occasionally reconsidering your outlook on life should prevent you from becoming overly critical of new developments and will give you more tolerance in dealing with people.

Your Mercury in Sextile with your Midheaven

Co-ordinating family and professional affairs is a trick, which you have mastered. Also getting to know people is easy for you due to your communicating skills, which also allow you to express your creative potential.

In your youth your family life was probably very harmonious; good relations of both your parents has had a positive effect on the development of your character.


The Way of Loving

The planet Venus requires about 224 days to orbit the Sun. It is about the size of the Earth. We can often observe Venus with the naked eye because it shines like no other planet. Like Mercury, it can be either a morning or an evening star and can be maximally 48 degrees away from the Sun, producing the only possible aspect to the Sun, a conjunction.

The radiant beauty of this celestial body caused Venus or Aphrodite to be honoured as goddess of beauty and love. After Zeus threw his sperm into the sea, she arose having been born of foam. Her beauty did not only bring harmony, but provoked the Trojan war. In Astrology, Venus stands for everything, which we find beautiful and desirable. Its place in the horoscope tells us about our requirements for peaceful, harmonious surroundings, our love life and our ability to sacrifice. The arts, especially music are associated with Venus, as is our sense of aesthetics and our preferences in the art of seduction or being seduced. As evening star Venus is associated with the sign Libra, as morning star with Taurus.

Your Venus in Pisces

In Pisces Venus can unfold a love which can hardly be equalled. When you look at your love life you may be reminded of old Hollywood films where good taste gives way to ākitschĎ. You are also capable of a pure, selfless love, never expecting recompense for your efforts.

What you would like the most is to melt together with your beloved or to dissolve in your emotions. You are prepared to give yourself completely and expect the same of your partner. Romance plays an important role in your relationships, you want to chase and be chased. If you havenít yet found your centre you will want constant confirmations of acceptance making yourself more vulnerable than you are.

You are very sensitive and have great understanding for other peoplesí burdens. If you are able to help someone out, it makes you feel good. You can let yourself be used, because you donít always see the interrelations realistically. You can get involved on all social levels, running the risk of overloading yourself. Take care that the strain doesnít affect your health.

You are probably a creative person with an active imagination, inspired to actively create. If you havenít done anything in this area, itís high time to let your hidden talents come to the light. Donít forget to take care of yourself too, and donít give up your dreams. You could lead an emotionally satisfying life.

Your Venus in the Seventh House

With the planet Venus in the seventh house you will try to satisfy your need for a harmonious environment by staying in touch with the people you love. You find your ideal of beauty in your closest friends and can completely identify with whomever you are talking to. Sometimes you approach people out of a fear of being alone. You experience deep satisfaction and happiness only by sacrificing yourself for your relationship. This provides you with the approval you need to recognise your talents.

If you love someone you will help her to develop her qualities and become important to her. Simultaneously you will have higher expectations than anyone has a realistic chance of meeting. You are responsible for your own disappointments. Make more of an effort to avoid putting pressure on your partner and to think before you criticise. No love affair is all sunshine. You are going to have to learn to accept burdens and restrictions as part of a happy relationship.

The seventh house characterises your social context. With Venus in this position in your chart, you are going to need to surround yourself with style and good taste.

Your Venus in Sextile with your Mars

You should be able to live a contented life, especially in a fulfilling partnership with lots of giving and receiving. You are a good person, still you appear determined and set limits when necessary. Generally, you appear open and joyful. Because Mars always has some connection to sports while Venus represents aesthetics, you may get involved in dance or in rhythmic gymnastics.

If you have artistic talents, this aspect will support you, especially when it comes to shaping material. Maybe some day you will open a flourishing art gallery or antique store. Your charming personality makes you good at selling the things you are convinced of. This may make you wealthy. Take care that you arenít too generous. You have a tendency to lavish both your feelings and your possessions on others.

Your Venus in Conjunction with your Saturn

In judging situations as well as people you tend to be realistic. This ensures you a materially satisfying foundation for life and causes people to ask you for advice. Having a frugal nature will help to secure a suitable environment for your old age. If Venus is able to assert itself in spite of Saturnís sobriety, your creative aptitude will manifest itself in an adequate expression and you will be able to develop a tranquil nature which will be widely appreciated.

If you should discover a scientific field, which arouses your interest, it could very well lead to successful employment. You probably place a lot of value on working independently, because you can concentrate better.

A pronounced sense of fairness and solidarity has helped you to remain largely free of prejudices. Occasional shyness doesnít prevent you from making long-lasting friendships. The ability to recognise problems as they are developing supports your day to day struggles.

Your Venus in Sextile with your Midheaven

This aspect enables you to approach your professional life skilfully, and also structure private relationships well. From early on, your parents encouraged you and you probably had a very happy childhood. Today you are well balanced, which your colleagues and employers appreciate, and which ensures a satisfying love life.

Venus is responsible for all the nice things in life, which may make it possible for you to go into an artistic profession. Possibly you work in an Art Gallery or are involved with publishing art of some kind. Your home is probably decorated tastefully, whereby you have a special relationship to your house plants.


The Will to Survive

Mars orbits the Sun in 687 days. Itís smaller than the earth and has a diameter of 6800 kilometre. It is known for its red colour, which has always been associated with aggression. For this reason Mars is honoured as the god of war, called Ares by the Greeks, was renown for his courage and bravery and threw himself into every battle. Traditionally, Mars symbolises the warrior who has to till the fields in time of peace to feed his family. Mars symbolises the male and Venus personifies the female energy. Fortunately itís becoming increasingly difficult to work with these outdated concepts in Astrology. It makes more sense to equate Mars with our energy drive, which both men and women posses in some form. Thus Mars stands for assertiveness, drive, aggression, courage and also for sex drive. Mars rules the sign Aries as well as together with Pluto the sign Scorpio.

Your Mars in Capricorn

You invest your energy in professional success in order to gain a prestigious position in society. You arenít concerned with reaching your goals as quickly as possible, but to stand on firm ground. You take your time and concentrate on your tasks. You work your way up with persistence and determination. If you are successful in reaching a goal you proceed according to plan allowing no temptations to distract you. From an early age you knew what you wanted to achieve in life and also learned to accept responsibility for your actions. You want to keep your independence and see tangible results. You remove any barriers in your way without causing a stir.

If Mars has a negative aspect, your determination can win out making your climb to the top a gruesome climb over corpses. You can look down on the less successful and show little regard for the feelings of others. You will probably feel very lonely once you reach the top.

You should learn in the course of your life that success and money arenít everything and never allow kindness to get lost on the way.

Your Mars in the Fifth House

The fifth house is a place to bring out playful tendencies. With Mars in this house it should be clear who is dominating these games. When you are overtrumped your ambitious nature challenges you to consider ways to improve yourself. For you itís about winning and losing, not about fairness.

You bring the same energy levels into romance and creative activities. You are highly motivated in your endeavours, whereby a little drama is usually included in the package. Your high energy and talent for motivating others are your most positive attributes. In the arts your creative techniques may not be the most refined, the works you have produced until now have been very important to you.

You love sports and match your strength and courage against your opponent. You also devote your energies to making love. You are capable of passion, which is unequalled. Usually you donít have a long span of attention when it comes to romantic relationships. A few unforgettable hours is sometimes more important than a long term relationship. This is why you have shied away from the responsibilities of a family in the past years. If you should ever overcome your reservations, you could probably get into roughhousing with the kids in the yard.

Your Mars in Sextile with your Saturn

An abundance of energy and perseverance may draw you to manual labour. You may practice a craft where your technical skills are especially useful.

The planet Saturn keeps Marsí aggressive potential under control while Mars overcomes Saturnís fear and motivates courage. The sextile between these two planets will help you to develop humility and in extreme cases could lead to experiences with asceticism. If you were trying to be a little more gentle, it would make you popular with everyone as well as providing you with the opportunity to help a lot of people.

Your Mars in Trine with your Neptune

Probably you have super natural powers, which could be expressed in healing powers or in an esoteric field of study. Possibly you have a sixth sense which warns you of dangers in advance, letting you divert them. With your sensitive antennae you can detect dishonesty in other people. You are extremely sensitive to non-verbal communication.

When action is called for, you are decisive and can keep your adversary in check using stamina and refined perception. When you are putting your goals into action you have no tolerance for outside interference. If you should ever feel like letting your talent for dancing come to light, go ahead and give in to the feeling, youíll feel healthier for it.

Your Mars in Trine with your Midheaven

With determination you take care of both professional and private matters satisfactorily. This offers a foundation to build on. Professional opportunities will serve to improve the harmony in your family. Maybe you work in a field, which lets you do the job at home. The relationship to your parents has probably always been good and has been a source of encouragement.


The Guide to Higher Insight

The planet Jupiter requires almost 12 years to orbit the Sun and is the largest planet known to us. Its diameter is 143,000 kilometres, making the Earth seem tiny in comparison. Its size and brilliance lends itself to comparison with the Roman father of the gods of the same name, called Zeus in Greek mythology. He takes care of the lesser gods and those people, who submitted to his levying ample expression of respect. He was also known to be furious or arrogant on occasion and had numerous affairs, thus his wife, Hera, was not to be envied.

In Astrology Jupiter signifies higher religious, philosophical moral and ethical knowledge. Its position in the chart tells us how to expand our horizons, because it represents expansion in all areas. Justice, Law and doctrine also belong to this field. In addition Jupiter can offer a little luck. Wherever Jupiter appears, one should be careful not to become dogmatic, arrogant or excessive. The sign Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter as well as the sign Pisces.

Your Jupiter in Capricorn

The sign Capricorn makes the planet Jupiter feel uneasy, because Capricorn is in opposition to the sign Cancer, where Jupiter is exalted. You are well respected especially in ethical and moral matters, enabling you to assume positions of responsibility. Your political and educational views are usually conservative.

You are a very responsible person and pursue your goals with perseverance. If Jupiter has a negative aspect, you may fight all new ideas and accept the majority views uncritically, because you believe it will make you successful faster. You may be exceedingly stingy and honour money as a god. You should know that times change fast and demand new solutions.

If Jupiter receives harmonious aspects, you could keep reasonable concepts ready, which donít end at any countryís borders, but may even rise to overcome global challenges. You know what is in the realm of the possible and wonít follow illusionary utopias. If you could sometimes change your ways and give humour more room in your life, you could achieve a lot.

Your Jupiter in the Fifth House

The fifth house is a suitable stage for Jupiterís performance. It can tear around and turn life into one big adventure. It is constantly in search of anything new, which will inspire creativity and expand its horizons. It takes on every challenge and doesnít let failure bring it down for very long.

You keep yourself active, without taking life seriously. Your playful nature will engage your creativity and imagination to creatively stage countless love affairs. You donít live by the dry, serious and philosophical Jupiter principle, but prefer to give in to all the pleasures which life has to offer. Your art reveals signs of openness and joy, which is why good humoured people show appreciation for your works. Naturally you are in danger of becoming decadent, but you could deal with dying from a heart attack at 40 for a satisfying life up til then.

At sports you give everything and you like to compete. You are good with children and are more than prepared for all sorts of childish nonsense which they are likely to think up.

Your Jupiter in Trine with your Neptune

A spiritual nature opens your mind for esoteric ideas. But a lack of discipline through logic may result in your emotions taking up too much space. A more conscientious approach to life should help you to keep your emotional nature within the limits of reason.

Due to your deep understanding for other peopleís problems you are very generous and benevolent towards others. You especially take care of people who identify with your own outlook on life. Because you understand life within a greater context, you experience moments of intense clarity.

Being able to influence your surroundings positively is your idea of fulfilment. If you make more of an effort, you will also succeed. A limitless imagination together with your benevolence will allow you to lose yourself in creativity, which is more your style than participating in colourless, sober activities. Others can easily get caught up in your enthusiasm and joy.


The Necessity of Responsibility

The planet Saturn has a diameter of approximately 110,000 kilometres and circles the Sun at a distance of 1426 million kilometres. Its orbit takes an average of 29 years, which causes it to travel slowly through the astrological chart. Mythology reports that Chronos (Saturn) ate his children because he thought their power hunger would drive them to murder him, as he dethroned his father by killing him.

In Astrology Saturn is considered the karmic planet. Karma is the law of cause and effect. Saturn makes sure that we are confronted with the consequences of our actions. This is especially true of the Return of Saturn, around the age of 29, when the natal Saturn forms a conjunction with the transiting Saturn. This is the time to reflect on life with all its mistakes and regrets, which may force some corrective actions. Saturn is the past, tradition, the father and restrictive principle. Where Saturn is found, there are regularly problems to be solved, as challenges can be found in every horoscope. We have to overcome fear and inhibitions. As seen positively, Saturn brings consistency, perseverance, diligence and responsibility. It rules the sign Capricorn.

Your Saturn in Pisces

It may be that you withdraw yourself in search of solitude a little too often in order to get a grip on your problems. Unfortunately you have a tendency to wallow in self-pity, convinced that the world is an evil place and at fault that you canít be as cheerful as others. You also may direct your attention mainly to the past disregarding the future. You feel weak and are dissatisfied with your life. You donít have the courage to introduce changes or to look reality square in the face. It could get so bad as to manifest itself in anxiety and nightmares.

The experience of this Saturn position can be instructive enough to put you on the right track. Once you have overcome yourself and have got control over your life, you will be amazed at your own qualities and talents. Your sensitivity will enable you to help people in need in ways that will lead them to achieve independence. You have found your faith and can draw a lot of strength from it. This gives you the security and confidence to meet new people. With your inspiration and imagination you could use creativity to strive towards the most beautiful ambitions. You may seriously dedicate yourself to esoteric fields, which bring you deep insights.

Your Saturn in the Seventh House

You are faced with the challenge of solving problems in personal relationships. You fear contact to other people and think youíll be too vulnerable if you open yourself to anybody.

You may have actually had some bad experiences in your relationships. You usually attract dominant, energetic partners and become dependent and may even let yourself be tyrannised. You are looking for security and stability in a relationship and sometimes sacrifice your independence for it. Often you are drawn to older partners changing the character to a father-daughter or mother-son relationship as opposed to an equal partnership. Whatever the case, donít complain about your partner, just find out what got you into the relationship and deactivate the mechanism.

Possibly your parents had a troubled marriage and fought a lot. That would explain your hesitation to get into a steady relationship. Maybe you are afraid that a serious relationship will restrict you. Either that or you are waiting for your prince or princess, you probably wonít have a satisfying relationship until later in life.

Your Saturn in Sextile with your Midheaven

Professional success is ensured by a lot of hard work and self-discipline. Determination and high energy assure the realisation of your ambitions. A strong sense of responsibility makes you a respected manager, you are known for setting high goals but remaining fair. You are also in a position to remember the future consequences of your conduct.

In spite all of this, you also are able to avoid neglecting your private sphere, which is greatly appreciated. You are very much aware of your traditional responsibilities and will take loving care of your parents in their old age.


The Process of Emancipation

The planet Uranus was first discovered in March 1781, at a time when in Europe old structures were breaking down and France stood on the verge of revolution. Its diameter is 49.000 kilometres and it takes 84 years to orbit the sun, taking about 7 years to cross through an astrological sign. In Mythology Uranus was Saturnís father, who castrated him and produced many terrible children.

In Astrology Uranus denotes a break with tradition as well as new development, it is spirit, intuition and spontaneity. Its position in the chart tells us about our relationships with our friends as well as our attitude toward authority. Uranus can also bring about a revolution and can destroy that which it canít improve. The sign Aquarius is ruled by Uranus.

Your Uranus in Leo

The planet Uranus in Leo represents nowadays the generation,  born from 1955 to 1962. Its members attempted to loosen concepts of love and sexuality, and may still want to. Sexuality was discussed openly for the first time which caused several taboos to bite the dust. Tradition and strict regulations gave way to kindness and individuality. Free love, whatever that may be, could be a synonym for Uranus in Leo. There was a lot of experimentation in this area. However, after the AIDS-virus has made its way into the public consciousness, there is less clarity about the ideal form of love. You will have to find your own way of dealing with your passions in this age.

You command originality and resolution on every level of expression. When you entered the world, art was revolutionised, which may explain your interest in this area.

In Leo Uranus finds its exile, thus you should keep your egotistical and narcissistic tendencies in check and work creatively towards finding a solution to the urgent global problems rapidly becoming more threatening. Today it is becoming increasingly more important for a larger percentage of the population to understand that we should preserve life on this planet for our children.

Your Uranus in the Twelfth House

It is certainly not always easy for you to understand your motivations, especially since they can change suddenly. Sometimes a vague foreboding descends upon you, which turns out to be true. Also sudden transformations in your life may be on the agenda.

Take a trip through your subconscious and learn from your complete subliminal experiences in order to acquire the ability to recognise the necessary structures for reforms of this foundation. Your spiritual life is diverse and your most beautiful talent could be helping others out by offering unconventional ideas and intuitive understanding.

If the aspects to Uranus are difficult, there is a danger of your thoughts and feelings getting off track and becoming inconsistent. It is most certainly possible that you could develop insecurities and phobias because you fear larger connectedness but donít want to risk becoming isolated. If you want to solve this problem, you are going to have to dig deep.

Your inclination to spiritual ideas and religious thought can lead you to sects or occult groups. You may even succeed in giving new meaning to the terms mercy and brotherly love.

Your Uranus in Square with your Pluto

This aspect existed between 1930 and 1935, as humanity was subjected to grievous transformations. At this time there was a great economic crisis and the people were busy trying to find some way of getting something to eat. Regular work was hardly imaginable. In Germany the time was ripe for Adolf Hitler. He brought relative "order" to the existing chaos, but the price for his followers was very high, which none of us are likely to forget very soon, even if we werenít alive at the time.

In your individual birth chart this aspect is made valid by your efforts to change the existing social circumstances. Your motives may contain aspects which have to be taken seriously, because you are an honest person. Still you may have had to deal with difficult circumstances since the beginning of your life, which may hinder you in your enjoyment of material pleasures. You shouldnít make yourself a martyr.

Your Uranus in Conjunction with your Ascendant

Expressing your individuality is important to you. Recognition from others is assured, even if some people are intimidated by you. Take care not to become too arrogant. This is probably a trap which you are well aware of.

Love of the unusual has made you well known for your spontaneity, which is often contagious and arouses enthusiasm in others. Because the planet Uranus is also involved in structuring the future, you actively and intensively participate in its structuring, whereby you are mostly concerned with developing new concepts of individual freedom.

Your intuitive talents should be put to use, it may be enjoyable for you to learn more about Astrology or a similar field.

Your Uranus in Square with your Midheaven

You have difficulties adapting to the current situation. Whether it is at work or at home, you stand in opposition to your parents or your boss and have earned yourself a reputation for being a minor revolutionary. Possibly it could go so far as to drive you from one place to another, without there being any evident cause.

Responsibility within the family has always been a source of conflict between you and your parents. Even if you donít value compromises, you should try to give in once in a while.

The Cosmic Consciousness

Neptune was first discovered in the year 1946 by an astronomer in Berlin who noticed that Uranus often deviated from its orbit. The cause had to be an unknown planet, which was then called Neptune. Neptune orbits the Sun every 165 years and has a diameter of 47,000 kilometres. It is invisible to the naked eye.

In mythology, Neptune or Poseidon, the god of the sea and lord of the water, the element which forms the basis of all life. The depth of the sea often distorts vision creating the illusion of a surrealistic world. In Astrology Neptune represents deception, mysticism, imagination, dreams, extra sensory capabilities, a foreboding and inspiration. It symbolises creative energy. With Neptuneís help creative abilities can find expression. Neptune stays in one sign for 14 years, therefore its individual interpretation, house position and aspects of other planets should be considered. Neptune is assigned to the sign Pisces.

Your Neptune in the Ninth House

Becoming a part of a higher order and recognising an all-encompassing truth with the help of your intuition is your greatest desire. Completely opening yourself to a religion, a philosophy or system of values is what you really aim for. However, Neptune will often guide you in the wrong direction. Whether you are seduced by false prophets or believe that only you have the spiritual greatness and maturity to differentiate truth from falsehood: you court the danger of losing yourself in self-deception and abstruse thoughts. Donít be too easily impressed by whatever Gurus happen to be around, consider that a beautiful aura can be deceiving and that salvation can be found nowhere but within yourself.

If you donít turn yourself into a martyr leading spiritual crusades, you will actually have the potential to develop your spirit to the station where you can recognise interdependencies and let yourself be guided by the feeling that everything in life has a purpose. You are capable of extraordinary faith and can serve others as spiritual guide. Maybe you will find the source of your inspiration in a foreign country or in a place which appeared to you in a dream.


The Unavoidable Change

With 2400 kilometres of diameter Pluto is the smallest known planet. It was discovered on the 18th of February 1930 in Flagstaff, Arizona. Pluto requires 247 years and 7 months to circle the Sun. It remains in each sign about 20 years. It is circled by a moon, Charon, which according to Greek mythology, brought the souls of the dead across the river to Hades the antique underworld. Pluto is the Roman god of the underworld which everyone will meet someday. In Astrology it symbolises the masses and stands for sudden change, destruction, regeneration and transformation. It can be interpreted in context with the actual happenings in the world. In personal horoscopes one should concentrate on the position of its houses and its aspects. Together Pluto and Mars rule the sign Scorpio.

Your Pluto in the Tenth House

You could have problems with authorities because it is difficult for you to submit. Actually, you prefer to be in charge and enjoy telling others what to do. If you have no trust in human qualities, or believe that you are too sensitive to open yourself and show feelings like fear, then you wonít rest until you have reached a position where you feel secure.

Pluto in the tenth house will foil your plans and force you to change your attitude about the outside world. That can happen when you lose your job and have to completely rethink everything. Possibly you are timid about public life, crawl into your house and put your light under a bushel. Even in this case, events will force you to take on life as well as the responsibility for yourself and others.

Probably your father had plutonic powers and appeared dominant, powerful and full of energy. Maybe you still work hard because you want to prove something to him.

You have the potential to use your determination and stamina to reach a powerful position, whether it is in public or hidden in the remote areas of power. Guard against influencing the lives of other people reducing them to chess pieces; you wonít get away with it.

Your Pluto in Square with your Ascendant

With your great will power you are in a position to manipulate the people around you. Sometimes you are so convincing that people are taken back. The belief that you are capable of regulating other peopleís affairs, will prove to be problematic. If you donít learn to hold back some day you could be forced to rethink things such that you are more aware of other peopleís interests than your own.

Pluto is the planet of the masses; it wouldnít be to your advantage to give your egotism free reign. If you can bring yourself to work in the interests of large classes of people and use your surplus energy for important goals, other people will accept you.

Your Pluto in Conjunction with your Midheaven

In structuring your professional life you invest a great deal of energy. To reach the goals you have set for yourself, you demonstrate a sophistication which astounds everyone around you. In a classical sense Pluto at the MC points to activity in atomic physics, still Pluto is involved with everything which has depth. Probably you have intuitive energy which you should definitely put to use in a way that will benefit everybody, or else it could have negative consequences for you.

Pluto deals with renewal; its position at the MC may mean that your status will constantly be changing. Possibly you will also often change your professional field. Even if the people closest to you donít react with a lot of understanding, you are convinced that it is necessary.


The Midheaven (MC)
The Societal Position

The Midheaven also called MC or Medium Coeli refers to the highest point on the chart. It is the point of culmination where the planets reach the point on their apparent orbits highest above the horizon. This point also forms the summit or the beginning (cusp) of the tenth house. Directly across, the lowest point of the chart is found at the beginning (cusp) of the fourth house, the Imum Coeli or IC. The MC generally symbolises the consciousness while the IC represents the subconsciousness.

The position of the MC on your chart can reveal how you conduct yourself in the outside world. This includes your role in public, your professional career, your social position and in some cases also your rate of success. The MC describes your professional orientation, where your talents lie and how you go about planning your career. There is also information about the relevance of other peopleís opinions and tells if you are persistent and/or determined.

A precise interpretation of your professional ambitions must include the positions of the planets in the tenth house and the aspects between the rest of the heavenly bodies.

The interpretation contains a listing of professions associated with the MC in classical Astrology. Whereby you shouldnít consider the name of the profession as it appears in the list, but the abilities which are relevant to each of the professional fields.

Your Midheaven (MC) in Taurus

Steady employment is important for the fulfilment of your material needs. You are not opposed to working up to a position slowly, as long as it has a future. Professional endeavours should be practical, which is why you set your sights on the tried and proven rather than taking any risks. Abstract instructions are hard for you to understand, because you think and work practically. You may not be very imaginative, but are most certainly a realist.

You could take over an important position in a company because you have proven your reliability. Once you take on something, you work at it for as long as it takes until itís done. You are likely to stay at your position for a long time because you donít like having to adjust to new situations. You can be loyal to your boss and get along well with your colleagues because you are humble and uncomplicated. You need both harmony at work and also the feeling of accomplishment. At the end of the day you like to take time to reflect on your accomplishments of the day.

Forming materials fascinates you. You like working with your hands and are artistically talented. Your sense for aesthetics could lead to a career in fashion, art, horticulture or agriculture. Banking could also interest you.


The Moon's Nodes
The Karmic Component
Where Do I Come From - Where Am I Going To?

The Moon's Nodes are points where the moonís orbit around the Earth crosses the Earthís orbit around the Sun. The points are calculated and lie directly across from each other. When these two points are connected, the Moon Node Axis crosses the entire chart. It runs backwards, from Aries into Pisces, then into Aquarius, etc.

The Moon Node Axis can travel through the horoscope in 18.5 years, which leaves 1.5 years in each sign. The people our own age have their Moon Nodes in the same sign as we do, but not necessarily in the same house.

The rising Moon Node is referred to as the North Moon Node or Dragonís Head. The falling Moon Node is called the South Moon Node or Dragonís Tail. In Indian Astrology they are called Rahu and Ketu.

The meaning of the Moon Node Axis is tied closely to Karmic Astrology and is easier to understand in this context. It begins with a premonition that we are not on planet Earth for the first time, but that we have brought experiences from previous lives with us. In a horoscope the principle of reincarnation is described by the Moon Node Axis, whereby the falling Moon Node shows where the soul is coming from while the rising Moon Node describes where it is going to and our goals in this life. The Axis is the path we walk in this life. It can also be seen as a horoscope compressed into one line, which is expounded on by the remaining factors.

The rising Moon Node contains the sum of all the experiences from our past lives. This is why it seems more familiar to us than its complement. It represents all our favourite habits, which we canít manage to free ourselves from but which hamper our development, in other words our personal 'way of least resistance'. It is our duty to overcome our inner obstacles and pave the way for new experiences which go in a completely different direction, as we see on the opposing sign. We should endeavour to free ourselves from the chains of habit and look forward to unexplored harbours. The houses containing the Moon's Nodes tell us which areas we should further develop and where we are caught by transmitted behaviour patterns.

One of the most interesting ways to see the personal horoscope is to look at how far we have come and then image what may lie in store for us.

Your North Node in Pisces 

The lesson for this life is to become less stubborn and open yourself for spiritual development in order to feel sincere sympathy for others.

This could be complicated by the fact that you have made a habit of living by strict rules. It would be better to re-examine the rules critically before accepting them as a standard. Order and duty determine your life to a large extent. Even when helping someone, it is out of a sense of duty, because such things are expected. Your innate distrust should help you to avoid the dangers of this world, but at the same time it cancels out sincerity and the ability to love. You want everything to be explainable and easily within reach. A consciousness which extends beyond the limits of your sensory perception is beyond imagining.

Events of this life have been constructed to prove that you can increase your sensibility. Some trust in your intuition and a little dedication could open new worlds and grant you access to the inner processes of the people around you. If you open yourself up and loosen the rigid structures within you, the reward will be the ability to recognise the oneness of the universe and to offer love and sympathy for all the inhabitants of the Earth.

Your North Node in the Seventh House

The challenge of this life will crop up in your relationships, this is supposed to teach you to recognise the needs of others. Learn to understand the effects of your behaviour and accept some dependency on your partner, if you want to be happy. Consideration and the ability to cooperate probably arenít your primary strengths, but they are absolutely essential to a loving relationship. That doesnít imply that you are expected to act selflessly. The goal is to find a balance between independence and partnership which both can accept. It is also important to develop more endurance when it comes to investing in a relationship and not to throw everything overboard at the first conflict. You will see that warmth and trust grow slowly and that accepting minor inconveniences pays off in the long run.

Your North Node in Sextile with your Moon

Your mental state is relatively stable. People appreciate your quiet, serene nature. You live by your feelings and should continue to do so. Once in a while you could trust your intuition more. From a secure emotional basis you approach your goals with composure, never asking for more than you are willing to give. You understand that earthly existence is a flow of changes which you donít resist. In spite of emotional attachment you are willing to let go of the past.

Men, who have this harmonious aspect in their chart, will frequently receive the support of women during their lives. Generally this constellation tells of a more feminine nature.

Your North Node in Conjunction with your Mercury

Intellect and logic will lead you in the right direction. Sometimes it seems like you receive inspiration from unknown sources. With this knowledge you can attain personal success and look towards the future with confidence. As a creature of curiosity, always wanting to know more, even if you donít have professional qualifications in the classical sense, you have a good feel for future developments and the role you are destined to play in them. Communication with others is important to you because you learn a lot of important things that way. Never remaining fixed on your own way of thinking, your flexibility letís you meet people half way. This saves you many frustrating experiences.

The relationship between you and your brethren should be warm, which is important to you. Contact to them lets you see things a lot clearer.

Your North Node in Conjunction with your Venus

This is a great aspect which should provide ample opportunity to improve your quality of life using the charm and effortless success which has characterised your life. People tend to treat you well because you approach people wholeheartedly and let them know that you like them. Love plays an important role in your life. It is what may bring you great joy and fulfilment.

Support the development of your creativity by devoting yourself more to art. In this area you are capable of substantial achievements because you know how to express hope and wishes. Any conflict in your proximity inspires you to try to re-establish harmony. This is possible only through your own inner tranquillity. Continuing to work toward this goal is the right way for you to attain your ambitions and leave the past behind you.

Your North Node in Sextile with your Mars

Having been given enough energy, you are able to ration it out. Being sure of yourself, you greet life with a healthy drive for independence. Although you can assert yourself, you donít always insist on getting your way and are also capable of passively observing whatís going on. The appreciation expressed within your romantic relationships makes your sex life fulfilling. People are attracted by your charm because your drive and energy keep you involved in useful activities with realistic goals. This aspect is essentially pleasant and will serve you well in the course of your life.

Your North Node in Conjunction with your Saturn

An amazing amount of stamina helps you to pursue your goals without accepting help. It is important to you to earn your way through honest work. When things donít go right, you take a close look at the cause in order to avoid making the same mistake twice. Maybe you will have to take some restrictions into account, but that will help you on your way. People respect you because you never neglect your responsibilities and your conscientiousness. Avoiding risks has always proven to be the right thing to do. Out of a need for stability within yourself, you will restructure your life, possibly with the help of your father.


The Part of Fortune
Your Personal Key for True Contentedness

Everyone asks themselves once in a while what they can do to be happy and finding an answer to this question isnít as easy as it may seem, because many people have wrong impressions about their real needs. They might be convinced that they need something, are oriented on inappropriate role models or let themselves be influenced by other peopleís ideas while possibly they are already on the wrong path. Usually they arenít aware of it until itís too late. If you know how to make someone really happy, usually you are prepared to make an effort or to make difficult decisions. This makes the Part of Fortune something like a personal code of ethics, which has to be remembered in every circumstance. It is one of the sensitive points and is derived from Arabic Astrology.

The Part of Fortune is calculated by subtracting the Sun position from the Ascendant position. We add the number of degrees of the moon to this result. A simple formula would look like the following:

Part of Fortune = Ascendant Ė Sun + Moon

The position of the Sun, the Moon and the Ascendant are not randomly used for calculating the Part of Fortune. It's is based on the consideration that the energy of these three bodies are what characterise people and gives them their individual personalities:

The Sun as the symbol of identity and ambition, the Moon for its emotionality and its conscious and subconscious reactions, and finally the Ascendant as the visible personality, which expresses the energies of the Sun and the Moon. The position in the horoscope where Sun, Moon and Ascendant are most harmoniously working together is called the Part of Fortune. The energies of a sign and the affairs of the astrological house concerned will show you how to reach a state of true happiness.

Your Part of Fortune in Libra

It makes you happy to work on your relationships until you feel that you are being well taken care of. This allows you to devote your entire potential to your popularity without having to force yourself to do so. Mostly you want to avoid feeling alone and do everything you can to be accepted by your community: you back off from your position instead of trying to convince the majority to see things your way, you work to maintain harmony in your surroundings and try to loosen up complicated situations. Shared experiences, especially with your partner, are very important to you, but when youíre alone you donít feel like doing much.

You always want to feel welcome everywhere you go and avoid imposing yourself under any circumstances. Itís not necessary to fight or to strain yourself in order to be proud of your successes; you prefer things to stay tranquil and uneventful. Itís enough for you to say that you could achieve anything you set your mind to. Possibly you participate in other peopleís experiences so intensively that you donít have to do much yourself and lead a more peaceful life this way - which is fine with you.

Your Part of Fortune in the second house

You will be happy if, during the course of your life, you come to recognise which values are important to you and are not afraid to admit having a need to feel secure. A feeling of fulfilment will come from working to build something, working toward the same goal over a long period of time and having something to rely on. In conjunction with your preference to remain a part of the material world, you enjoy working on concrete topics. Seeing things progress piece by piece is satisfying. Also it is extremely important for you to remain financially independent, earning your own income.

It is especially satisfying to discover that you can manage your own finances and take responsibility for your decisions. In this respect, money plays a large role; it has the function of providing you with the things that you consider useful to have. If it would be your intention to earn money to spend on useless prestige objects, this would divert you from your path and bar you from success. Acquiring wealth may not be seen as an end in itself; it is more a foundation for building a life.

Probably you are capable of consequently following the goals you set, which makes it necessary to consider whether they fit your character. Donít make the mistake of taking on other peopleís values. It is more important to develop tolerance and not to be concern with what other people think is important. If you are financially well situated and feel guilty about what you have earned, then it was all a waste. And donít believe that you necessarily have to change once in a while, because that would interfere with your development; it is only helpful to detach yourself from things that you no longer value.


The Black Moon : Lilith
The Suppressed Femininity

Lilith is not a planet but a calculated so called Ďsensitiveí point. Its position on the chart is determined by the elliptical orbit of the Moon around the Earth. First the points on the Moonís orbit furthest from the Earth are connected by an axis. Lilith is found at the point along this axis directly across from the Earth at the same distance from the centre of the ellipse. Next to the Earth, this point is the second focal point on the Moonís orbit. Lilithís orbit takes 3232 days, about 8.9 years.

To interpret its position in the chart, it is important to know Lilithís history. She was Adamís first wife and was thrown out of Paradise because she refused to surrender to him on the grounds of her sex. She then lived with demons, with whom she bore innumerable children at the Red Sea. The angels sent from God eventually found her and demanded that she return to Adam. Lilith refused. As punishment one hundred of her children were killed each day. Lilith went mad with grief and commenced killing others. Her victims were women in childbed, small children and men, who she first seduced and then killed. Apart from that, she was also supposed to have appeared as a serpent in Paradise and offered Eve the apple from the tree of knowledge, which led to their expulsion from Paradise.

Also an additional name for Lilith offers insight into its meaning in the horoscope: Lilith is also called the Black Moon (and is illustrated as such) becoming the other, unseen side of femininity. She is not only the creator of life but also brings death, pain and disaster. She played an important role in the ancient Astrology of Babylon and Assyria, which was rediscovered as women in the sixties and seventies emancipated themselves, demanding the rights to regulate their own sexual behaviour, birth control, abortion and demanded equal treatment. It is not surprising that women were attracted to Lilith nor that the literature on Lilith-interpretations was written mainly by women.

In light of modern psychology, interpretations of Lilithís position tells us about unfulfilled wishes, the suppressed shadow-side of our personality, painful experiences, privation and darkness. As with Pluto, the processes triggered here should lead to self-recognition and the acceptance of our dark side. Good and bad shouldnít be differentiated from each other, but human existence should be seen as many-faceted.

In a manís horoscope, Lilith can reveal what type of woman he fears most and which type of woman can drive him to despair.

Your Black Moon in Aquarius

Your friendships with others are ambiguous. You may have to reconsider your friendships often, due to unfortunate events in your friends' lives. Sometimes your individualistic attitude prevents you from creating significant bonds with others. You may be fascinated by ideals of brotherhood and solidarity. At the same lime you may wish unconsciously to stand out from the crowd. As long as you are not able to see this inner contradiction you face rejection, prompting you to be more selective in your friendships and to seek the company of strange or exceptional people.

You like people who share your motives. You cannot blend in well with the masses because you cherish your originality and tend to fight or circumvent society's current.

Progress and the future are two important notions for you, and you are fascinated by great deeds of men which bring the future closer to the present. Technological and scientific advances, aviation, electronics and computers amaze you. Your unconscious fear of the future pushes you to anticipate if and outrun it. You aspire to transcend the limits of society, and therefore promote the introduction of novelty and invention.

Your motivation is the group. Through love and generosity you are able to realize yourself. Working for humanitarian groups or syndicates, even avant-garde artistic movement, gives you the opportunity to thrive in your destiny. This is possible as long as you rectify your egotistical and eccentric attitude. If you do not succeed, you may repeatedly face the same failures and become excluded from society. You must learn solidarity and confront its conflicts to realise yourself.

Your Black Moon in the sixth house

You have difficulty in rendering service, in making yourself useful to others. Often a deep feeling of inferiority, a fear of being wrong comes out as a desire to fit in by serving others. Or you can focus on excelling in a specific area, which excludes all other activities. Not able to escape your karmic duty of service, you nevertheless refuse to become subordinate to anyone.

You desire to be irreproachable, which leads you to impose drastic limitations on yourself, limiting your free will and possibilities. Your organisation, method, and memory may be obliterated, rendering daily tasks very complicated. This isolates you into repetitive and subordinate jobs which do not require your initiative.

You are obsessed with detail, hygiene and order. You fear chaos, and rally yourself behind a cold, critical, and analytic view of life. You fear disease yet are fascinated by it. You may even correct imperfections with plastic surgery. The very idea that you are a living organism makes you ill at ease.

This systematic and stereotyped behaviour is your own downfall. You must understand that you are the one imposing such hard limitations on yourself. Otherwise your phobia turns into disease. Taking interest in medicine or related professions would benefit you, as well as any other activity that involved rectifying, eliminating, purifying or perfecting, The cause of workers and lower-class people also could motivate you.


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