To know the past is to understand the present and to build the future. Ask for a life reading

The expression "Life readings" is taken from Edgar Cayce and from Aron Abrahamsen. It means research of past lives through channelling. 

Personally, to channel past life readings, I am using automatic writing as means of communication with my spirit guide who transmit to me informations he gets from the Akashic Records
May I introduce myself: Brigitte?

What is channeling ?

This word means that messages are sent from other realm, to guide the human beings towards a better life or a better future. This phenomenon has some similarities with mediumship.

The messages are received in a variety of ways, but most commonly by telepathy directly into the mind of the recipient (or channeler). Also frequently utilised is automatic writing.

What is automatic writing ?

Automatic writing is a way of channeling that allows the medium to get in touch with the upper world.

So "connected", the medium allows his (her) hand to write on paper information (which is not controlled by his (her) own conscious mind), through his (her) guide and through spirits who might be interested or even concerned by the patient's request. This request can be about problems disturbing the progression of this person, either in understanding events or actions to be done in this life. Then, this is psycho-advice.

The medium receives, if as by radio communication, waves that he (she) writes out. The method being then for the medium to highten his (her) vibrations in order to get in touch with a spirit who tunes in lowering his for the communication to be set up

Automatic writing is not fortune telling, because wrongly used, it might lead to be connected with oneself's unconscious.

Automatic writing is rather a way given to the medium to bring help to the patient, to give comfort to the person in pain or to indicate the way to those who seek spirituality.

The medium, having this gift, must always use it carefully The patient's request must be motivated by kindness, improvement and spirituality

Asking help for financial or anecdotal reason, such as future telling, is to be avoided

To all those who are interested in their past lives, this quest already means that they feel the need to realise fully themselves spiritually and that they are aware of their one corporeal and spiritual reality



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